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  1. @xGShadowSpy @Forest @Pepper Tag, you're it. @Rhododendron @PiNoYPsYcHo noobs
  2. I randomly remember about this place and it always amazes me that the community is still active ish. Live long xG
  3. His first 3 are good! He probably has uploaded more since I’ve seen them
  4. IAmLegend

    Osrs raids

    Who wants to drink and do osrs raids after my engineering and physics exams (7 pm central)
  5. Hey did you graduate from A&M or are you still here?
  6. @Aegean Still making those dance videos?
  7. You definitely did. You owe me that hat for free killing poncher. soz for grave digging, had to talk to my bb forest.
  8. So I'm finally saying goodbye. I don't see very familiar faces here and I don't see myself ever constantly browsing the forums or playing on xG servers again. It was an amazing 5 years. See ya xG, was fun. I'm not going to tag everyone b/c there's too many people that just made it amazing for the time
  9. i'm coming back just for this +1 Can we get some DMM action too
  10. my ranked climb struggle: So last season I ended gold 5 but was still climbing with ease, I made it to g3 by screwing around soon after the season ended. But now in season 6 i'm struggling to climb from silver 5 back go gold. I bounce back and forth between silver 3 and 2. 1. I'm better at jungling but most of the junglers I play can't carry a game very well if there isn't damage coming from my other teammates to finish a fight, so I'm stuck in mid and adc. 2. When I'm playing ranked I feel like i'm not thinking similar to my teammates. I might want to make different engages or take different objectives after fights and the team ends up splitting and spreading out. Champions i'd like pointers on: Rengar: I don't know what happened but his bola strike feels delayed now when I'm doing his burst combo. It leads to me missing his e quite often now. Corki: For some reason I can't deal nearly as much burst as I normally would see a corki player do Vayne: I'd like to say I have okayish mechanics but I don't win very much with her. And could you recommend me AP champions for the mid lane. I can play most mids but AP feels obsolete
  11. I just went from high g4 to s4. Add me @ Legend8756 if you wanna duo/trio queue.