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  1. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: stumpy Steam ID: idk Information: went on tf2 to play some saxton hale but unfortunately my game was cut short due to improper procedure by a staff member. I called a mod a pussy, which lead to a 1 hour ban. Normally I would just wait it out, however i dont fuckin feel like waiting. From the TF2 staff handbook: "How to make a proper punishment Some staff members sometimes ask themselves "Should I kick this guy?" or "Should I ban this guy?" or maybe even "How long should I ban this guy for?" These are very good questions to ask yourself before you actually do the slaying, kicking, banning or whatever it is that you are doing. The process usually goes like this for someone breaking a minor rule: Warn, then slay (sometimes optional), then kick, then ban. When you get to the point where you have to ban them, make sure to use your common sense for how long the ban should last. Don't permanently ban a guy for mic spamming. Ban him for about an hour to week depending on how badly they did it, if people told him to stop multiple times, etc. However, using the WSKB approach isn't always required. For certain situations you can instantly ban for situations like: -Hacking (Permanent) -Mass freekilling (Permanent CT ban) -Mass freekilling then leaving the game (Permanent) So, for the more serious rules being broken, you can get to the banning, kicking or slaying instantly." I did receive a brief warning through chat, however I did not receive a kick. Would tag the mod who banned me but i was banned through console so no dice.
  2. yeah fuck that shit +1 for removal
  3. Dallas Cowboys Ottawa Senators Toronto Raptors
  4. cya dude. nice to know you
  5. hey kirito thats what happens when you watch too much gay porn. you get a serious porn virus
  6. what the fuck? is he speaking english?
  7. +1 mature for his age and active
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZgZVl-V-Bk drink every time you hear the word "fuck" or "nigga"
  9. bring back late night jb too. everytime we did that there was like 45+ people on