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  1. Is there a possibility of a modded minecraft server?
  2. Heading to Navy boot camp tomorrow morning and I won't be coming back for a hot minute so this is goodbye till then. Hope everyone has a good summer and toodles.
  3. do i need to post my steam id or can you get it from one of my 50 ct bans ;)
  4. It was a rigged! Just like the Election!
  5. So we can't include the professional player @Legend on the team?
  6. I'll be damned if Grant ever leaves spawn with the bomb if I'm alive
  7. +1 has a mic but to much "wahhhh"
  8. jubens45


    @schpetzel @Lithium
  9. jubens45


    -1 rated me fuck off when i asked a simple question so i have to assume his m = -2 a= 7