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  1. Crona

    1v1 Tournament

    Just had to reinstall steam which deleted my files, so in about 8 years when I finish redownloading all the server files again I'm in.
  2. Crona


    -1 we have plenty of staff already.
  3. If warden calls KOS on a T who the warden thought pressed a button (which was restricted), and another ct kills that T even though they weren't the T that pressed the button, who gets slayed? The warden who falsely called KOS or the CT who killed the T which was said to be KOS?
  4. Crona

    Using Credits for other things?(JB)

    If it happens a ton, just increase the price.
  5. Crona

    Using Credits for other things?(JB)

    Some non-harmful sabotage ideas: -All text chats become self-deprecating remarks (ie. "The doctor says I have an exceptionally small peepee", "I have an IQ of 5", "It's way past my bedtime") -All damage done to cts deals damage to you instead (t side only, which would prevent someone who always rebels from rebelling) -You get a dunce cap on your player model -Hp set to 1hp -Speed set to <50% -Damage set to <50%
  6. Crona

    Using Credits for other things?(JB)

    ...Good? Incentivize people to donate. Sabotage a teammate would be a great way to spend credits! It might lead to a little bit of bulli initially, but make the price high enough and it would make for a hell of a humorous round every once and a while.
  7. Crona


    +1 He has definitely been active recently, and hasn't broken a rule while I was on. He's a wee bit of a squeaker, but no bulli! A: 6 M:5
  8. Crona

    Suggestions Thread

    Sorry if this would be difficult to change, but we REALLY need to have the afk manager only move people to spectate in the very beginning of the round. During talent days and other people are going, I try to use the time to set up my audio to record my guitar or keyboard, but then I get moved to spectate along with everyone attempting to google a joke.
  9. Crona


    Memes aside though I would probably +1 if we didn't already already have plenty of active and mature staff. He is active af, and just slightly less mature that the rest of the staff. +0 A: 9.5 M: More than Danny
  10. Crona


  11. Crona


    +1 OG, active, and knows the rules.
  12. Crona


    Bans are based on Steam Id, so different computer wouldn't change that. Somehow the server erroneously banned you with no record of it.
  13. Crona


    I was on when this happened. There is no log of it in the server, and I was the only mod online at the time. No one banned him, but he is banned. This is strange.
  14. Crona

    Suggestions Thread

    Just noticed a slight problem with how its currently worded. Since the rule specifically calls it a Tarp, it would still allow warden to unfairly kill Ts in that way after 7. The shorthand of the rule is just "Don't end orders with 'On Go'", so I'd still interpret it that way, but if someone pointed out the loophole I would definitely hesitate to slay them for it.