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  1. My mom is doing well...

    1. Dannypicacho



  2. Pavlov VR on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Pavlov is a multiplayer shooter for the HTC Vive. Pavlov - VR Master League VRMASTERLEAGUE.COM Home of the VRML Pavlov competitive gaming. The VR Master League supports a variety of games for all VR headsets (e.g. Vive, Oculus, Pimax) and offers prizes for the very best teams. It is free to...
  3. Crona

    Portal 2 Division

    +1 as long as there is a competitive Gelocity race server
  4. WTF?! How could an injustice like this happen?? Admins slapping ne'er-do-wells off a bhop has been a staple in CS minigames humor for at least a decade! +1
  5. Dang, this is exactly the reason I need to be more active. I'd 1v1 Jubens any day then ct ban him again after.
  6. Just had to reinstall steam which deleted my files, so in about 8 years when I finish redownloading all the server files again I'm in.
  7. Crona


    -1 we have plenty of staff already.
  8. If warden calls KOS on a T who the warden thought pressed a button (which was restricted), and another ct kills that T even though they weren't the T that pressed the button, who gets slayed? The warden who falsely called KOS or the CT who killed the T which was said to be KOS?
  9. If it happens a ton, just increase the price.
  10. Some non-harmful sabotage ideas: -All text chats become self-deprecating remarks (ie. "The doctor says I have an exceptionally small peepee", "I have an IQ of 5", "It's way past my bedtime") -All damage done to cts deals damage to you instead (t side only, which would prevent someone who always rebels from rebelling) -You get a dunce cap on your player model -Hp set to 1hp -Speed set to <50% -Damage set to <50%
  11. ...Good? Incentivize people to donate. Sabotage a teammate would be a great way to spend credits! It might lead to a little bit of bulli initially, but make the price high enough and it would make for a hell of a humorous round every once and a while.
  12. +1 He has definitely been active recently, and hasn't broken a rule while I was on. He's a wee bit of a squeaker, but no bulli! A: 6 M:5