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  1. gravedig to the max cause i haven't been on the forums for a while Thanks for taking care of CS you fat cock. I'll never forget that time you demoted me from admin straight to member for not wearing tags. No hard feelings homie.
  2. like not even lying. i just wanna see the picture of cristo again if anybody happens to have it.
  3. how am i grave digging when the thread is stickied. if you wann delete my shit, delete the thread too.
  4. who has the pic of cristo. post it plz
  5. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: turdwig Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42361421 Position: Moderator Time Active: I've been playing for a while. Age: 16 Experience: I was Division Manager for Counter Strike Source. Information: Uhh, I know it seems like a lot but I would like to apply for admin. Even though it says Moderator I can do for Moderator if it seems too much to just promote me to admin right away. I've been playing xG CSS since 2011 and I basically know all the rules. I was once Division Manager for CSS. So I hope that's enought credibility or reason to make me Moderator. I'm starting to become more active on CSGO and I'm getting bored of matchmaking so I'm gonna spend some times on the servers. Thanks homiess
  6. why was my member tag taken off. I never left.
  7. TurdWig

    Rip Css

    yo let's bring back csgo jailbreak. i miss that shit so much. :(