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  1. -1 How hard is it to just not go into a friednly tele? Trolling? Maybe. Avoidable? Absolutely.
  2. There was a Celadon map??? +1 +1 +1 ! And if it doesn't get added, can anyone send me a link to download it? GIVE ME VARIETY
  3. During this last week being banned from xG servers; I had a strange realization. That I actually miss playing on our Team Fortress servers. Pokemon Trade has been a home to me for 2 years now, and when I don't have an opportunity to play on them whenever I please really bums me out. I feel out of place. The Pokemon Trade server is like my escape to go live in a world where I can have a burst of nostalgia, while also being social with clan mates and shooting at people. Goldenrod City was actually my favorite city back in the day, I remember being young and playing pokemon gold and sliver for hours during Christmas time when I received them as a gift. It was a simple and easy time in my life. But I took that away from myself for being belligerent, rebellious, and sometimes just straight up being an asshole. This is my apology to anyone I have been rude, mean or even dickish to. I am an intense person all the time. And when I get excited or challenged I tend to be extreme. Sometimes very extreme, verbally. But the environment I grew up in was the same way and was accepted. So that is how I interact with people in real life. Yet, this attitude has pushed away the very friends and comrades of Xenogamers I wanted to represent. When my ban is lifted, this is a personal promise that I will change the way I behave in our servers. I just want to be part of xG again. Joke around and have a good time with people of our group together. I miss that. My video game getaway is gone now, and I realize that only me that was responsible for it. So I'm sorry again. This isn't a transparent apology alike it was in the past. This is just me wanting to be apart of the community again. I hope you all can forgive me. ~Bangin
  4. You sure do laugh a lot for someone who is trying to be serious. My screenshot proves I moved it and I was blocking anything. Yours only proves it was there for a second. We both know what happened Vector. You just want to be a douche about it.
  5. This has nothign to do with TGH because I'm not being banned from TGH. So bringing that up is just showing how desperate you are to be mean to someone else.
  6. Plus, your screenshot doesnt even prove its my building in the first place. So how can I get banned at all?
  7. That screenshot you posted was of a level 1 building, I was still waiting on the dispenser to finish building. Because as you can see in MY screenshot, my building was level 3.
  8. Wow, even in this chat log Im telling you it was a mistake and that I moved it. I'm even almost begging you to not be such a douche about it. Yet you still did it lol. You need to let things go man. When my dispenser was in the wrong place I didnt even kill anyone with an xploit. So why is there a fucking problem?
  9. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: xG BANGIN ON A TRASHCAN Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16195506 Information: I have proof that Eazy-V falsely accused me. It was a mistake and i put the dispenser in the wrong spot. This picture that im posting was where i IMMEDIATELY moved my dispenser when Eazy said something. But i couldnt move it before he screencapped me while I was waiting for my dispenser to finish building. Total BS, if I had the chat log I could prove even further he prematurely reported me.
  10. I'm just saying I want to start fresh. I'm not using it as an excuse anymore. I want to be everyones friend.
  11. Hello fellow xG members, If I have ever been an asshole to you, or insulted you. I would like to take the time to apologize to you. As you know I'm usually pretty intense. But really I tend to be calm and charming. It is rare that I'm in a mood to fuck with other people. But to anyone I've been a dick to; I want to explain my actions. Most people laugh at my "excuses" of being drunk when breaking the rules. But like in the real world, alcohol affects how someone behaves. It is a depressant, and it is very addictive. And unfortunately I have the disease. But when I am being obnoxious. It isn't to attack you personally. Sometimes I just like to push peoples buttons. But at other times when I am intoxicated. I tend to push boundaries for fun. Whether it is harmless trolling to personal insults. It is not an attack on you. It is just merely getting anger out in a playful, yet aggressive manner. The only way I can sometimes. The things that set this off are usually when I'm called out in an aggressive manner. And I take the comebacks too far. I'm sure I still won't be taken seriously after this post. But know I don't want anyone to actually dislike me as a person. My actions playing a video game do not reflect who I am. So I simply ask anyone who I've wronged to forgive me. If you choose not to, I understand. But I had to put it out there that there is more to my outbursts than just being a "troll." -Bangin
  12. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: mega shiny sceptile Offender's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:58329729 Rules Broken: Building blocking Evidence: Mega gets on to others for building blocking. Yet does it himself.