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  1. Its not really based on a video game, morely its based on a shitty meme that will be dead in a month's time
  2. I remember I stopped playing when I think it was the 4th lord, I know it was after the whole lifting the home town and the guy that had a one shot dragon for an ally...
  3. Did they ever finish the 13 lords of chaos questline?
  4. There should be more text channels like a image sharing n stuff EDIT: Also I play rust competitivly :)
  5. DM version of Halo's blood Gulch: Halo Blood Gultch (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Death Match) - GAMEBANANA
  6. Your commentating in the wrong thread boio :)
  7. I'm working on two reviews, one for DOI and the other is the gmod gamemode of Breach, I plan on using videos to show gameplay of D-Class, Researcher, MTF, and a SCP
  8. Are we also allowed to List the server we played on or would that count as advertising?
  9. Can we do review on Gamemodes for gmod and adventrue mods for skyrim/fallout for example?
  10. I don't have any friends though, so I would suck to be a killer cause it would be easy to find out :( EDIT: This does seem like a fun gamemode to test out :)
  11. Telling new researchers that you can tame SCP-682 with a rolled up newspaper and a tummy rub is right out.
    1. YeEternalTuna


      are you stuck in 2013 or something?
    2. Hype


      Yes, I am very stuck in 2013, send help :(
  12. Just get a medic man, I can make it :(
  13. It's bizarre enough that he was born from and egg, and on top of that, he's a stand user? Can this child really grow up normally...?
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    2. KSPlayer1337


      k a k y o i n d i d y o u l a y t h is E G G ? ?
    3. Hype


      Guys quit shitposting on my status, it's not my fault I just found out about this comic and the openings :(
    4. YeEternalTuna


      Had it not been for the laws of this land i would've have had your head by now!!!!!!