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  1. Rabid

    The future of xG

    As someone who has been here longer than you've been alive. Please leave.
  2. Rabid

    Fun Fact of Yourself

    I have one eye. I also posses the sharingan
  3. Rabid

    What’s is your favorite animal?

    Haha, Hey man my favorite animal is a Racoon! Racoon!~ hhahahahahahahaa
  4. Rabid


    save minecraft
  5. Rabid

    Nipperhouse @lithium

  6. Rabid

    Nipperhouse @lithium

    Recently played nominations off, extend map option, add flashlights. @Lithium map also defaults to nipperhouse when 0 people on.
  7. Rabid

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    First and formost, he should be banned from everything from his continuous racism on multiple servers including discord. Let alone multi clanning ontop of that. The thing that sucks though goldfish could be a good person too if he wanted, The same shit happened with steven when he joined xG and played with us, He's a kid so naturally shit talk him and ignore his presence 90% of the time, They get fed up with the constant ignores and blatant disrespect towards them, so they act a certain way to get more attention, however, I don't see him ever maturing as Steven did ( not saying steven is a saint) but def better than how he used to act.
  8. NIPPER HOUSE I think it's time @Rhododendron Release the server also do what you did a few years ago and add a rotating Christmas maps. For any new csgo members, Nipper house is an xG tradition it's a really fucking fun map that we have little contests and other shit on during the winter\ Christmas time. Can't wait to fucking play again. @LeToucan @Lithium @Jaydow Add nipperhouse to the 10man server too.
  9. Rabid


    When people talk about the old xG but weren't here from the start jk lmao
  10. Rabid


    God... I'm sad that's accurate.
  11. Rabid


    I'm ashamed you didn't @me
  12. Rabid

    Does tf2 div turn you into a furry?

  13. Rabid

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    Text channels* Since there's no edit option o.O
  14. Rabid

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    That's why we've been adding bots, to help combatant that, and also adding mods, to help with random people. You're in a community, not your own private server. It's silly that we even migrated to discord, if the tf2 doesn't use it, you guys were one of the major factors, plus voice channels.
  15. Rabid

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    Add a bot for time online in active channels, So tf2 doesn't use private discords 90% of the time and encourage discord use.