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  1. Rabid

    Towny 1.14.2

    and..... We're back, with yet another mine craft server. I'm going to keep this post simple, and just try to note some key changes from the previous version which was factions. Changed to Towny from factions Shops changed from signs to village shops, with major price changes Added A enchantment plugin adding 32 new enchantments ( A major enchant to look out for is "Divine Touch" Allows the mining of spawners) Balance reset, starting money 100$ Added mcmmo Horses, allows everyone to start with a free horse. (summoning cost 50$ and banishing cost 5) This is a respawnable horse even if it dies. You will be able to level up and get new skills with your horses that you claim /h help for more information. (Claiming a new horse after your first will cost 500$ then branch of into multiples, so your third horse will cost 1000$ to tame. I heavily encourage breeding) Spawners will be able to be changed via Spawn eggs (purchased from shop) Rarity of the mob and dependent on mob drop determines price. Added auction house via /ah command (We will have troll auctions, but do your best not to be a dick and overcrowd it. Towns are going to be a major step for players from first start. It's 750$ to find a town, ontop of a 10% daily upkeep of original price (75$) Nations on the other hand will cost 7500$ to claim with a 5% Upkeep price of original (375) so get grinding This is what I've been working on for the past 3 days to try to bring you guys a good mine craft experience, Do your best to enjoy it, find ways to break it(as long as you report it) and other shenananagins. That's all I can think of for now, I'm going to leave you with a few starting tips; /kit member to get a start /h help and /h summon to get your first horse( free besides the summon cost of the horse) Start farming, Humphrey's hemp is pretty much the only way to get money as of right now, besides /ah (auction house) Spoiler contains all the new enchants ( I messed with the % chances on a lot of these, the Divine touch enchant has an 8%, good luck
  2. Shucks just when I got enough for the purchase.
  3. Best thing I've seen today.
  4. The only possible solution I can think of is a restriction plugin on 1 auto per team and 2 negevs per team 1 m249 per team at any given time. But that's just more work for lith then it needs to be so idk duude
  5. With* for some reason can't edit my self @virr fix when you see also just compile my quotes into one post if you can. Delete this after
  6. Vertigo is actually fun, I wish it was played more and people took it more seriously, once more smokes and pop flashes get learned it'll be fun. I got f*cked on cause I made dumb decisions and was not playing to win, was playing round by round for my self like an idiot. he was against keeping them banned, tf u mean this is the argument? Little kid.
  7. @Egossi @Aegean @virr @Lithium @MinerTeddy @Genocide @S_bantf2badmins @steven. I'm standing by what I said on keeping them unbanned, I don't want it changed, I just want the people I play with too change. I also will not be playing any 10 mans until the sheep wagon stops. I understand buying the new guns every now and then, but when I'm playing against a team that's buying 5 neg's or 5 auto's every chance they get, you think that's fun? You think it's fun to just hear a lazer for 13 seconds while some dipsh*t holds m1 on banana while x holds it with an auto to his left?It's not. Troll strats and dumb shit have always riddled our 10 mans, and I've grown to accept most of it, the jumping smgs, the five man p'90 plays etc, It's all there always will be, especially if mudkip is playing, dunno why, but people have to sheep him. there is a reason I ban Nuke, D2, Cbble, and vert in that order against him. It's not fun fighting four sheep and a good shepherd. dumb.
  8. 10mans are sooo fun now.... this wasn't a mistake.... at alllllllllllllllllllllll. shitty that certain people abuse it and call it "fun"
  9. we all make mistakes brother, what you do after that matters, stick around, handle the punishment and bounce back, I'm the prime example of what you can do after a ban, just do what I've done better.
  10. Should John Galt get admin on discord.
  11. Rabid

    Old Names

    TinyToes was my first online handle when I was about 8, Jdsharpshot was my first xbox gt.
  12. I'll never understand how people think auto snipers are better than awps. +1 for everything. No reason shit should be disabled any more. like 60% of the people don't even play to get better might as well let them have fun if they come play.
  13. Rabid

    xG Gamer Revival

    DigitalHax, and Drank. Rest in peace friends.