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  1. Giant Murals of the CS 10man channel everywhere, as a reminder we're taking over.
  2. Rabid

    Cancer Manual

    People who say " When I say go, face the back of your cell, do a 180 and afk freeze" are the worst.
  3. Come play csgo idiot.
  4. I stopped taking it seriously when you defended this. I'm sorry but there is a reason he is not liked and its a damn good one, when you dig your grave you better try damn fucking hard like I did to undig it to be liked by many, Have not even seen a single attempt for him to make him self liked. I understand the point of your post but you really need to use better examples if you're going to use examples. I for one understand having levels to toxicity, and if people exceed it staff should not bat eyes to people they like.
  5. cool when is it happening
  6. I want to talk about the state of 10manning and fat manning. I want to first start by saying if you feel like this doesn't effect you its cause you're someone that fat mans someone out. Its been very apparent to me that people get fat manned way to much on the random pop up 10mans outside of sundays, as someone who fat mans someone out every now and then it sucks to see, but hey I want to play too right? wrong, I feel like we should change every 10man to a first come first serve basis with very very few exceptions. Two examples I can think of for fat manning people out- Past history: Player A: and Player B: lets use Steven, and Jubens as an example. If you know these two people they're very hot headed and clash anytime they play each other or with each other, Steven has gone multiple rounds disconnected from the discord, or just leaves the game altogether. So with this rule you would be able to apply it with a "strict" criteria, you can't just say, oh I had a bad game and don't want said player. No mic, Refuses to communicate: The only player that really comes to mind is John Galt, But if you have past experiences with players who refuse to communicate or are just social disconnects you can express the right to fat man them out. (This applies to you depressed genocide) lil bitch. I ALSO WANT OPINIONS WITH THIS Verbal spots. If we do make all 10 mans first come first serve, will we be using verbal agreements to join. All in all, I for one am all for making all 10 mans First come first serve basis @Bonk @Jadow @LeToucan @Lithium @Shox @Pepper @virr
  7. Rabid

    Golf It Division

    Disgusting thieves.
  8. @Chrono Tier list is not in order by groups of skill level it was in no order when making it, I grabbed a player pool and took names while making it. On that note though I was debating you pretty heavy, I had you in b Tier before I threw you back into C, You have grown a lot as a player but I do not judge any skill rating based on 1v1's or similar fashion its nearly 90% of player interaction I've had.
  9. That question makes me debate my decision for you.
  10. Whys it say you @'d me
  11. Growls in italics

    1. TBOHB


      grr ~ ÒwÓ