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    Both on sale on bitskins RN, if any xG person wants to buy i'll drop both prices by 10$ from what I have listed on there. So 80$ for the knife, and 36.50 for the jaguar
  2. Minigame Monday, Jailbreak wensdays, Surf saturdays, 10man sundays
  3. what the fuck @JakeEnglish
  4. 6/27/19 UPDATE: Major: Added Better Farms, (Automatic Farming) Get an End Rod to begin the first level is free. (This plugin is intended for end game money sink do not buy thinking you'll be able to breeze through) Added a text based auction plugin use /auc to see available commands, (please refrain from doing troll auctions, continuous abuse will get you black listed from using this plugin) (Still using /ah for a offline auction house, this was added for live auction to make the server feel more alive) Removed all spawn eggs from shop (will be replaced with spawners) found a duplication bug with these. Votifer was added, remember to vote every day for money rewards (will most likely be turned into something better later) but most importantly helps with server growth. Minor: Spawn has been updated. Fixed up some issues in towny config files (mainly effecting towny prices, and block pricing. (Bonus blocks set to 250.0 per bought bonus) Added: announcer plugin to broadcast our forums, as well as discord to the influx of new faces around this server. Notes: Looking into a thiefing plugin with a neat lock pick plugin I found, possibility to add if I find time to configure and not make it overpowered. STAFF: With the small influx of players we got, we are looking for you to be some what active, if you do not have intentions on playing the server, let us know, we don't need random people on with staff perms that don't know how to use them or enforce correctly. Scraped: Epic Farming. Replaced with Better Farms Towny's plot based tax system has been removed as it caused a huge spike to town's daily tax (unsure why) Auto Farming Prices
  5. Update 6/23/19 -Added Epic farming: Visit Humphrey's hemp to get started. Humphrey's Hemp stock update; Level 1 Auto farm now purchasable price 50k. Ultimate stacking: Monsters, Mob spawners, and items now stackable with hologram displays above them. Max stack is 100 for monsters, 512 for items, and 15 for spawners. Elevators have been added: Block for use is Quartz_block (normal quartz block) place two down, shift to go down space to go up while standing on. Updated towny's tax system to go off of claim block instead of flat rate (price increase for most) Added a sleep plugin Notes/changes: Tested plugin Civs, as much as I'd love to get rid of towny, this plugin is something that would need to be started from the beginning and not have carry over data. If we (or I) decide to set up a multi verse server this will def be a possibility. Will return to a mob arena plugin at a later time,at the moment removed Advanced mob arena, as I do not have time to configure it nor have the will to at the moment. Looking to get a Advanced Hopper plugin to further assist end game automation and money dumps. Possible re-write to some mob drops and farm drops. and slight money adjustment to rich players. (undecided) Blaze rods nerfed; 7.5 sell to 4.0 Concrete prices reduced from 30 to 20.0 for all colors. (white remained the same) Raven's Relics wither skull price changed from 1250 for 1 to 4k for one. sorry new friends.
  6. Firstly, rules Hacked clients, and cracked clients never allowed. Journey map, Durability mods, Inventory sort, and other various game play mods allowed as long as they do not give you an edge in pvp. Ban/Mute evasions never allowed. No spamming, or Advertising another server, (announcing your auction house items is not considered spamming unless done excessively) Glitches and exploits are not allowed. This includes 0 tick farms (If caught with a 0 tick farm your entire town is subject to deletion, economy reset, and the builder will be banned.) Racism, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Derogatory remarks are never allowed, warn, mute, ban order will be in play depending on severity. Treat players with respect. No griefing players bases in any way shape or form,(Exception 1; May steal from unclaimed bases as long as it's alone and away from any main claim they might have) terrain griefing on edges of claims is also not allowed. Do not flood the auction house with multiples (Max Item per player on the ah is 5) No inappropriate town names Please try to use common sense at all times. Economy rules--- Money is subject to being reset at any time, along with shop prices to insure integrity and fair play. ( your money will never be reset back down to zero, unless you have abused a bug, or its seen fit. I know having high money is cool, but please, please, please report any issues you see with shop, do not be stingy, or greedy, this is OUR server, xg's not just mine, I want this to last for us and that involves a good economy system. More to be added
  7. Rabid

    Towny 1.14.2

    and..... We're back, with yet another mine craft server. I'm going to keep this post simple, and just try to note some key changes from the previous version which was factions. Changed to Towny from factions Shops changed from signs to village shops, with major price changes Added A enchantment plugin adding 32 new enchantments ( A major enchant to look out for is "Divine Touch" Allows the mining of spawners) Balance reset, starting money 100$ Added mcmmo Horses, allows everyone to start with a free horse. (summoning cost 50$ and banishing cost 5) This is a respawnable horse even if it dies. You will be able to level up and get new skills with your horses that you claim /h help for more information. (Claiming a new horse after your first will cost 500$ then branch of into multiples, so your third horse will cost 1000$ to tame. I heavily encourage breeding) Spawners will be able to be changed via Spawn eggs (purchased from shop) Rarity of the mob and dependent on mob drop determines price. Added auction house via /ah command (We will have troll auctions, but do your best not to be a dick and overcrowd it. Towns are going to be a major step for players from first start. It's 750$ to find a town, ontop of a 10% daily upkeep of original price (75$) Nations on the other hand will cost 7500$ to claim with a 5% Upkeep price of original (375) so get grinding This is what I've been working on for the past 3 days to try to bring you guys a good mine craft experience, Do your best to enjoy it, find ways to break it(as long as you report it) and other shenananagins. That's all I can think of for now, I'm going to leave you with a few starting tips; /kit member to get a start /h help and /h summon to get your first horse( free besides the summon cost of the horse) Start farming, Humphrey's hemp is pretty much the only way to get money as of right now, besides /ah (auction house) Spoiler contains all the new enchants ( I messed with the % chances on a lot of these, the Divine touch enchant has an 8%, good luck
  8. Shucks just when I got enough for the purchase.
  9. Best thing I've seen today.