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    xG Gamer Revival

    DigitalHax, and Drank. Rest in peace friends.
  2. he ight, like a young steven but more hyper.
  3. A lot of you seem to have trouble retaining information on smokes, even basic smokes, So I'm going to create some clips that'll teach ya the basics, along with some that I've found my self. A few of my mirage ones don't have my lovelllllllllllly voice, but I decided to do voice overs for explanations as well after a few videos in, so if you do need my audio aid I do not mind remaking it just lemme know. Anyways I hope this helps some of you retain some of the skill of smokes or flashes. They're pretty fundamental so please do take time to practice some of them, it won't just make you better in 10mans, but just in general. Mirage Smokes Inferno Smokes Train Overpass Nuke Dust2 Cache Probably won't do cache until they update it.
  4. why is your bhopping good but movement in comp ass?
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    Didn't read the entire thread. i'll end it right there. Don't get an actual response until you read the whole thing.
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    Member's Name Guest Information Obviously this isn't me trying to remove his staff, as I'm sure he's good staff in his respective division, but the powers that some "members" I'll call him get in other channels, or over discord entirely is clearly too much for some to handle and they feel the need to e-flex hard. With that said I'm not in full right here, but what I did did not justify his reasoning for a mute, not even close. The warns, the mutes, the kicks or bans, is way to much for some discord mods and rather think it should be regulated to respective channels and also not weigh opinions in other communities channels, if they're not dm or higher. or newer staff in the division. Idk how the snow flakes in tf2 deal with problems, but we talk them out weather through banter, or actual problem solving, not straight to mutes. Obviously this thread is going to be @'d all discord moderators, cs mods, and so fourth. not just him, Please respect your position in power, please learn to talk instead of muting, please learn that you're not above members as we have equal say in a vast majority problems. (I have no ideas if the screenshots are in order) And last, I'd just like to make this suggestion here, since every one is too retarded to find an actual solution to the @10manner problem that is soooooooooooooooo rampant in the #csgo channel Anyway just make a Text channel attached to csgo scrim waiting room and don't allow the use of @10manner in other channels maybe once every 30minutes or if there is X amount of people in the channel, you guys can hash that ruling shit out since you're too stupid too put your heads together and just want to complain any time someone @10manners
  8. Please actually maintain the servers, add fancy things, and don't make them vanilla bland garbagio piles of shit, I've seen gmod revived too many times into just another server. I'vs seen it too many times where it's just copy paste server files and launch the server.
  9. Make shift tourny set for saturday? Get enough yes's I'll start the bracket. I'll get ege to give winner goodies.
  10. +1 need more people in the cs community, open arms to people who aren't complete dick heads. We can hash out the little things later.