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  1. Donakonda

    xG Gamer Revival

    I want spork to come back. @SPORK
  2. congrats to all the people who were promoted. I will miss you @Caleb956
  3. +1 would be a good addition to tf2.
  4. congrats to the people who were promoted
  5. Congrats to all the people who were promoted
  6. chatbox is now fixed for me but it shows this if I try to look at my activity. @Rhododendron
  7. the chatbox is messed up for me
  8. It will never be closed
  9. I work at an Italian restaurant and I do dishes.
  10. my name came from my brother
  11. my favorite childhood games are: pikmin 1 and 2, paper Mario and the thousand year door, Halo 1 and 2, animal crossing, super Mario sunshine.