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  1. Donakonda


    +1 agree on a day ban for the stuff he did on mic.
  2. Donakonda


    you need 50 form posts to apply
  3. Donakonda


    +1 Seems like a nice guy, knows the rules
  4. Donakonda

    Promotions and Demotions #200

    congrats on the promotions
  5. Donakonda

    Gamemode Rotation Thread

    @Bone yeah it was playing other maps.
  6. Donakonda

    Gamemode Rotation Thread

    @Bone The GameMode rotation server is broken.
  7. Donakonda

    Selfie Sunday

    Me,getting ready for prom.
  8. Donakonda

    I'm Leaving...

    hope you have a good vacation
  9. Donakonda


    +1 is active and knows the rules.
  10. Donakonda

    Promotions and Demotions #199

    congrats on the promotions
  11. Donakonda

    Henlo! (◕▿◕✿)

    Hi, nice to see you again Hachi.
  12. Donakonda


    It's about racial discrimation and it takes place at a school in London. I don't remember the rest of it because I finished it last week.
  13. Donakonda


    I finished Reading To Sir with Love in english class and it was good.
  14. Donakonda


    you have to wait 30 days to make another one
  15. Donakonda

    Remember me?

    welcome back, its nice to see you again.