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    +1 My mans and I like to dab on those For real he just likes to play in a server that most people are instantly put off by when they see how the server is run, and is willing to accept how it is, and try and push for a change. I've seen the server go down hill over the past year or so of playing, and seeing someone like MJP who is trying to get some change is refreshing.
  2. wingman


    In-Game Name: wingman Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Identity: Steam Community :: wingman Banned: Yes Teamspeak Account Synced: No Time Active on Servers: 3-4 months Age: 14 Reasons for Joining: Xeno gamers is a friendly community, and i really enjoy playing in their servers. If i could join then it could help show even more of my appreciation of the servers.