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  1. nuen

    Favorite ice cream flavors?

    B u b b l e g u m I didn't even know that existed until now, that sounds gross but also good at the same time. Also cookie dough ftw.
  2. nuen


    Furry is so overused that making it negative would just not work.
  3. nuen

    Hello xG

    Welcome! While on these servers and forums you have to be one of these. -Gay -Furry -Sock Wearer -Jojo Fan -Toxic (Don't) -gaybonfiregaming -All of the Above
  4. nuen


    In the words of @Tekk Hell Yeah.
  5. nuen

    SSBU tips/tricks/cool shit

    wario wario wario wario wario
  6. nuen


    A bit late to the party, but... BIG FAT +1
  7. nuen

    quick psa

    hehehe, i get it
  8. nuen


    Don't worry about it to much, just be reasonable and your rep will go up in no time.
  9. My teacher pulled me over to his desk and asked why I was on incognito mode on the school computer, clearly thinking I was looking at porn or something (Yes people do that in class). I told him to go take a look for himself, he came over to my computer, selected the chrome icon, and clicked the icon. Then, he saw it, a full row of pictures of grilled cheese. With the Elmer Fudd song playing in the background, he said I would get in trouble for being off task, but then told me at the end of the end of the period that since it would be to weird to explain to parents, I'd be off the hook. I don't have words for that situation.

    1. Tatost


      Take a peek into my private Discord.



    2. Dannypicacho


      My teachers sees me with incognito and immediately thinks I'm watching porn just because it's incognito. Fuck off. I was trying to watch hentai.

    3. hongkongatron


      gwilled cheese if you pwease

  10. nuen

    can i have a danny pic pls

    I gave you 2 before, now I bestow 3.
  11. nuen

    Suggested Weapon Balance Changes

    That pyro change actually should, but that bee jar idea... it scared me.
  12. Just curious to see peoples ideas for weapon changes. Trust me guys, my uncle works at Valve, I'll make these happen.
  13. nuen

    can i have a danny pic pls

    I gave you 2 I win