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  1. Just wanted to vent IMG_3953.MP4
  2. time to revive a thread lmao
  3. Abraham Lincoln descended upon the electric chair
  4. No gay no drink dick sauce h
  5. nuen

    Policy On Slurs

    If people don’t like slurs they can mute someone or turn off chat, I feel the same way about mic spam by the way. If one slut will he allowed, all of them should.
  6. Trade Gaming History, means a trading server, that has maps from gaming history. This makes less sense then TF2’s dev support. How do we even know this will help the population that much? Why should we ruin a servers identity and possibly rebrand to add a few maps that maybe creates a short boost in player count. The issue with the servers population is a problem with TF2, not the server. If population is an issue, try pushing the servers more and get rid of the servers that don’t have a population to begin with (ex. Stock rotation). If we want to increase the population, make 24/7 bunker server.
  7. Ah this will be fun: before i had a steam account I would use the name goldz, but eventually swapped to Bluez because I just like that color more lol. Maja is when I was trying to be cool and messed with google translate. My name that I stick with now, and likely will permanently, is a name a picked in an attempt to alias. I tried to pick a name that seemed weird, short and memorable. Don’t know if it succeeded. pizza is cause I like pizza
  8. About time I did this... EDIT: Bonus points if you can find the ridley amiibo