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  1. I really need to stop playing Overwatch. Im not going to.
    1. S1mpleDuck


      whats ur rank?
  2. Has anyone killed a dog before? Yeah i threw my dog at a moving car.
    1. bagggel


      you monster
    2. Squid


      Overwatch has some strange people asking weird questions. i have to respond with something dont i?
  3. I have some ideas of gamemodes but ill rather tell you them once we are playing.
  4. Am i the only one who thinks Gorons look like plastic without their rock nipples?
  5. Squid

    Game Division

    You do get high ping but i haven't really noticed any lag while playing on NA servers.
  6. Isnt Reinhardt the one with a hammer and throws armor?
  7. "No Men allowed." lets random male goron in.
  8. Will you be taking requests for custom gamemodes and what time will this take place? Also battletag is Squid#21567
  9. Pokerus is basically rarer then shinnies but the "disease" boosts stats and can be spread to other Pokemon making their stats better when they level up. Btw probably Friday or Saturday ill be giving away all 7 paras' ,not sure what time.
  10. Monday 27th febuary level 39 female Paras with pokerus Pokemon wanted Poliwag male any level nicknamed "Lúcio". Trading by gts deposit your Poliwag. Set to level 31-40 and female paras Reply to this thread with your name and trainer id. Hope you get selected.
  11. So since i havent been on the servers as much (Thanks overwatch) i thought i'll do something for the community. Ive got alot of pokerus pokemon, and by alot i mean 7. But anyway there will be 1 for every day of the week starting Monday. You will want to put a pokemon depending on the choice i feel like on the gts for a level 30 paras female there will be 2 males but they will be for the weekend. If you want to receive one please put your trainer name/id down so i can be sure to send to the right people. Btw the choice will be rng no favoritism. Some point during the week after will be another give away but this time it will be for the father of the paras, a level 100 shiny parasect with pokerus.
  12. Leave me alone i just spent £64 on a rts.
  13. Squid


    Its been a month.