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  1. Shadower

    Populate jailbreak?

    nobody likes going warden lol.
  2. Shadower


    wait lol I didn't know the required hours for staff oof. lemme juss get like 20 hours (in a legit way I swear) but you goobs might just want to close this 4 now
  3. Shadower

    sug.: "don't talk over people"

    lol, I kinda agree with this, but on the other hand I'm used to the challenge, where 2 or more people are talking on mic, but out of courtesy, all of them stop to hear one person, and then go on after that. But since nowadays people don't give a poop and just talk out of their asses, I don't expect you to hear direct conversations if all the sound of the the other people talking are directed at you. It just doesn't work like that.
  4. Shadower


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name xG| Chef Shadower Identity STEAM_1:1:82886496 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers Around 4 years now Information Hey guys, its me, Shadower, back with another moderator submission! To be honest, you guys should know enough about me to cast your judgement, go for it kiddos Also yes I've donated in the past
  5. Im gonna beat u up!

  6. Shadower

    Promotions and Demotions #200

    Black Panther is a bad movie at best
  7. Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday

    1. Nade_Raider


      Happy Birthday~

  8. Shadower

    XenoGamers History

    2014-2015 were my favorite years even though half the staff fucking despised me, I'd personally consider them the glory days for tf2. I liked how Hilarious Vector, Bonfire, Rejects, Scootaloo, and Ponyboy were on TGH, and back when that shit was regularly populated, and fun to go on and not just rack up strange kills and we cant forget about tails10 the king squeaker. Jailbreak was also in it's glory days where basically shitposts like Shadowers Kitchen were happening all day with bello, goblin and goblins, swift, egossi, ohstop, flare, caleb (xd), demonic, bone, lik my nia, and other nerds sorry if you didn't get the kings divine callout. FF2 was the shit also, even though I dint frequent it regularly, but t'was still fun for me it was like a special episode of xG whenever I went. And Rotation was really good even if it was barely populated(briing it back fuck general traade) Then 2016 the furvolution started happening and I was too lazy to play tf2 anymore. also my african rating existed, smh wait you mean ponyboy from the outsiders?
  9. Has anyone ever attempted Manual Dabbing?

  10. Shadower

    Im B[l]ack boiiis

    I got bored so im finna be on tf2 more often since my old computer turned to shit and now all I have is this shit excuse for a craptop
  11. Shadower

    Remove Delfino Airstrip

    -1 I need strange kills on my classic somehow also what @Natsu said

    1. Rhododendron
    2. Shadower


      I also hate me

  13. Shadower 76561198126038721 Demo/Scout if its on a monday rip me dab
  14. Shadower

    Remove trade_masscc

    -1 move it to general, so it can be like the server, [spoiler=Faint of heart]Dead:afro::afro::afro:
  15. Shadower

    Remove Inkopolis (TGH)

    lol I forgot this map was even in the rotation +1 :afro::afro::afro: