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  1. lol @ThunderLimes is so bad at shitposting, i bet he flushes after peeing

    1. ThunderLimes
    2. Shadower


      no i think you are mad briother 

  2. wtf just because some loser who cant beat my demoknight is a crybaby meas that everyone has to suffer? thats really dumb why the heck did you guys remove in in the first place did you like think you could farm points on some afk server but then realised that afking for hours doesnt work anymore whtr the frick dudes just get a brain bring back crits thats why no ones on your dead ass servers except for these shitty "repopulate" events where nothing happens because no one has fun and 2 tryhard scunt/queerpers are dominating the entrie server wtf its trade servers not fucking comp practice seesh u guys are babaies stop killing this already dead division with a dead horse seesh omg bring them back now !!!!!1`!
  3. i agree i should be able to say nigga all i want because its just a way of me saying bro or dude but cooler and my family was called it for generations so why stop me from saying my own word? also idk why u domnt like pyroh its fun to burn people and get kills on my flog you are just bad go spy to backstab him or somethingf stupid.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_Tetris_Challenge
  5. edventures was fun and makes gamers and memers come as one and i like edd edd and eddy only true gamers and 90s kids who are proababley gamers to remember ed ed and edy pleas e add it back i remember when we played on it and it was fun and it had funny meme noises and wheels and cool secrets please addit back i will call silence a bitch if we dont being it back ill donate please bring back edventures its fun and i remember when the map was on tgh and it was better than fucking bunker sorry for swearing i just really want edventures back please here is mevenbture.jfif having fun on edventures with ed edd and edie ed is my faborite becasue he is very smart and i am smart 2 I have an a in music my music teacher is nice we sang the mcdonalds song today. venbture.jfif
  6. Jnco Jeans


    1. Shadower


      Where’s the funny

  7. imagine eating popcorn imagine not just eating popcorn seasoning because thats all that matters
  8. man being better than most people but not good enough to eat ass in tournaments is like being in purgatory, but in smash.

    1. nuen


      maybe if I actually found a main I could actually go 50/50 with you and bonfire. I got a hard character crisis.

    2. Kypari


      Going 0-2 in pools at tournaments for your first bunch of times is completely expected, you'll probably be golden eventually