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  1. So, it is a shame that I can't make a ban request without evidence, but I want to leave this here at least. 

    The names of the players are "[BIA-M] GarryTheSail, Triggered, and Sailsmi"

    So, Triggered and Sailsmi, these guys where just saying slurs each other, completely ignoring the rules of the server.

    In the case of Triggered, he is several times the N word as well as other slurs like r****d constantly against a player.

    Sailsmi also was saying some slurs like Triggered.. but in this case in Spanish

    Also I want to add that both of them made racist comments during the conversation

    Finally, this guy called "[BIA-M] GarryTheSail" was making mic spam just to annoying everyone on the server, repeating the comments of Triggered and Sailsmi several times.


    At that moment, I had some  issues with my game and I couldn't take a video to show you guys, but I can tell that other players like Palm Trees or [xG] Citizen Ekat are aware of what happened on the server.

    Of course, you can also check the chat of the server, but I don't know if that is enough in this case.


    1. YeEternalTuna


      When we use the term ''slur'' we tend to automatically think of it as a ''racial slur''. Depending on how you're using the word ''retard'' it could either be an insult or a (non-derogatory) way to describe someone who is delayed in terms of the development of the mind/body. In this case you can just write this off as trolling/toxicity rather than slurring.

    2. Reiki


      Okay, I will keep that on mind, thanks bud