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  1. Maybe in the jailbreak server, we should add new maps or add a system that allows new people to know the rules about being a guard or warden when they want to become a ct.
  2. Hey Thrilly boy, long time no see. Thanks for making that thread for 10manner in R6S because Cs:go division is dead and that’s the only game for me that I can play with my fellow brothers and sisters in xG (Alabama). If we don’t get the 10manner for R6S, what game you suggest for me to play with our peeps.

  3. Me: I wish, if there was someone who can kill this thread easily.... Thanos: I’m the man for this job, *Snaps* Iam inevitable.
  4. Hey bradiator, long time no see. I got back from hell and when I saw your thread, wanting to get unban from discord.  I saw your video and that was you, holy crap, you look like but without the glasses and more like an afro and darker brown hair and more chubby. You look like me wtf? But still, you look better than me because you look like wanna the kids from that Disney channel. Well, cya later and have faith in your self. Also looking good on the pic that I made you, still have pride in it...

    1. PolarCoded


      just make out already🙄


    2. Roy


      No u

  5. Hello there, I’m back from life/hell. I didn’t make a goodbye thread because I wasn’t sure I was ready to be gone but life drag me away. I remember the good times of xG Jb in cs:go but why there are no people in the server and I was heart broken (not really but devastated). That was the best xG server in my opinion and now it is gone. Idk if it is active sometimes like 1-4 people play it and the last time I remember playing it was like me and some other kid that was mic spamming in some type of chant in the dark age. Idk what xG server or game should I play in and I hope we get the 10manner for R6S because I’m pro in that game (when I’m really warmed up). Also, there are some of you that still hate me for what I did, but now, I change because of life and things change. I saw when the Jb server died and I saw the time to move on but I will never give up on the community that showed me many things when I was there. Now, it is time for me to come back to show half of my true color and be reformed gladiator ( half reformed because I’m saving all my money for my unborn child’s college tuition, so don’t expect my proper good quality of my mic). So there you have it, I’m back and I will be on around this week because I still have a life and I will be on R6S or ABP Reloaded. Your truly, Mr.Gladiator
  6. Cs:go division for Jb is dead, idk why (It was dead before I came back from being fired at pet-smart). So yeah. Let’s have a 10manner in R6S even though I might not play that event because of life and my boy @KXNGDOGGO13 need a boost in gold.
  7. Good luck in school, I will miss you when you’re gone you moving sexy target. Back to hell and overdosing on organic chocolate milk. Also @BullseyeX, I forgot if you are in college or high school but, just turn in all of your assignments on time....
  8. Roy


    Oh shit, he left since March 14 and it’s May 1, oh bloody hell. :’( Well, even though he may not read my post but I will miss you and I will have to go back to work to afford a real microphone. What a shame. Love you James and take care. Now it’s time to go to work......
  9. Roy

    Hey guys

    @HydorHD, I don’t know you but, hello there. Wanna come to xG Jb on cs:go. I promise you that, you will have a great time in Jb or hell but you make it as you want to. Wanna come to a blindfolding experience with your cousin....
  10. This sounds familiar but I don’t even know or really care, but sounds like your doing okay, keep up the good work.
  11. Roy

    xG Meetup Chicago???

    How long does it take from the city of Orange to Chicago. I might wanna go but I’m still busy with work.
  12. DC rules and Marvel drools.... so no.
  13. +1 I believe he’s cut out to be a staff member and he is familiar with the rules. But, -1 for his spelling. A: 7.5 M: 8
  14. XD that funny. But, for the topic of this thread. Having a custom player models in Jb wouldn’t be a bad idea. Even we have tracers, color models, last ct music, etc. It can be good for the server, but for me, I don’t think it’s a good idea because like, someone with a Batman model and rebels and some one the same model and the rebeler switches to another model and the one with a Batman model that was not rebelling, could get freekilled by one of the ct that are new or not paying attention. But we should of custom player models.