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  1. I draw you a pirate next time
  2. Roy

    i made pizza11!1!!1!1

    XD only that pizza was obsessed enough too look but I feel like, if I eating it, I would look like a fat bish that is ganna break the stairs to heaven.
  3. Roy

    Congrats, in this text I will sent you the process of the “mushroom” but before that, tell me what type of mushroom you want me to draw/color, ex. Red with white dots.

    1. Topaz


      brown with a white stem

    2. Roy


      Before I finish the first phase, do you want it color pencil or color maker? And here is the first phase, tell me, if there is any improvements that you want me to do.


    3. Topaz


      pencil, lookin' good chief

  4. Shit, well then, I shall draw a mushrooom...(what type of mushroom?) @Topaz “congrats”, I will draw a mushroom by tomorrow 2/13/19 or 2/14/19. Oh yeah, one more thing, I will put on the drawing, by “Roy and @Topaz”.
  5. Roy


    +1 for making surf server on cs:go even though I never saw that server in my life and for being a bird
  6. I believe TF2 kidz can’t read Danny but I do enjoy kidz play cs:go division for some reasons
  7. Roy

    Hello xG

    Oi, I hope you like playing these servers and hope you enjoy, but.... *whispering” play cs:go division, it would be a pleasure having you In the division. Best time to say or nah?
  8. Roy

    i made pizza11!1!!1!1

    No offense (maybe), it looks like a Serious phase of a sunburn on your limb or a 3 degree burn, but, does it taste good?
  9. Hello, itz meh, dumb boi glad here. Today I draw something that I like. It’s from a old cartoon show that meant for adults like me and @Brady1780. But I’m still young and single ( check you out later). Before I put some hints on the next paragraph, there is a prize. The prize is... you tell me what to draw, Eh. I will draw anything expect for dicks, I will not be drawing dicks. The hints are in... The show first letter starts with “S” and ends with “L”. I like this show, because it reminds me of cs:division cuz it’s funny, Gay, and lovable. And there is a quote, that I put. If you can’t, it says.. “HELLO... I’M THE warden AND YOUR THE criminal”.
  10. Roy

    Cancer Manual

    Hmmmm, who invented that game again? I forgot.
  11. Bradiator squad, assemble...
  12. Isn’t this thread dead?
  13. +1 lets get that slap back
  14. Same, I believe I got to stop drinking chocolate milk for a while.