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  1. Roy

    Muji's introduction

    Oh hi. Want food?
  2. Roy

    Sparks - Counter-Strike

    Alright, I would +1 because he’s 91% know rules and he really like this server, He can be a good member but not sure he can be a staff nor admin.
  3. Roy

    My drawing

    I have updated my drawing. I did not add fur (tatost suggestion) because I’m not a furry and fur would not be good on this drawing. Anyone plz tell me to fix/improve something in my drawing before I color it.
  4. Roy

    Working on an new OC

    Using paint tool? Can you do a hand drawn if you want to.
  5. Roy

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    +1 Very........ nice
  6. Roy

    Working on an new OC

    Look very nice, is it hand drawn “question mark”.
  7. Roy

    My drawing

    ok, I might put a fur suit for tatost (furry).
  8. Roy

    My drawing

    Hey guys and gals, present you all with my new drawing today, and I want to ask that, What should I improve in this drawing or what color should use for the eyes, skin ( plz no racism),hair, and the clothing.
  9. Roy

    Check Out My Music :)

    That is a really nice rap song you made.
  10. Roy

    Which one is the best game?

    Agreed my dude.
  11. Pick between these games would you prefer better to play and have fun, and explain why... Cs:go or Tf2
  12. Roy

    Should I become a furry

    Is your choice to be a furry, always follow your heart my dude or gal.
  13. Roy

    What's your spirit animal?

    Don’t you like a gladiator as a pet or a favorite animal, WWWHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  14. Roy

    The future of xG

    Can I have a xG cookie?