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  1. DC rules and Marvel drools.... so no.
  2. +1 I believe he’s cut out to be a staff member and he is familiar with the rules. But, -1 for his spelling. A: 7.5 M: 8
  3. XD that funny. But, for the topic of this thread. Having a custom player models in Jb wouldn’t be a bad idea. Even we have tracers, color models, last ct music, etc. It can be good for the server, but for me, I don’t think it’s a good idea because like, someone with a Batman model and rebels and some one the same model and the rebeler switches to another model and the one with a Batman model that was not rebelling, could get freekilled by one of the ct that are new or not paying attention. But we should of custom player models.
  4. Roy

    Racial slur

    Can we say “Venatus Puellam” and “Beatus Diripio”. Wait, never mind, these words two words are not even racial slur. So, sup gamers....
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that... “Congrats on member”.


  6. ADMIN!!! HE’S SIDEWAYS BHOPS AGAIN!!! Welcome back, Pear. I hope you last long in the server and the discord without saying the “N-word”. I hope you have fun doing sideways bhop again. Also. Word of advice, if you really want to say the n-word, just say, “Fuck Danny”....
  7. Roy

    Oldfags throwback

    Wait a minute, are you guys old flags or old fags? But, I can’t tell the difference...
  8. Do you guys have ps4? I bought one like a few days ago and yes, I can afford it. I had to move away from my house (Dumpster place) and I left my old computer in my house and I got board and I bought myself a ps4. I couldn’t bring my computer because it’s connected to the wall and I don’t know why.
  9. No, I work at the in n out near the “Santa Ana College”. And can I work for you in Los Angeles even the city floor looks so damn filthy and THE FUCKING PARKING LOTS THAT ARE IN THE BUILDINGS COST ME $20 TICKET AND I SAW 4 HOMELESS PEOPLE GOT ARRESTED BY FAT COPS AND.... they got nice views of the mountains but I really wouldn’t go to L.A unless I have to for a business trip. I feel like every one that is in Los Angeles are low-class or high-class citizens because I couldn’t afford the cheapest apartment, even it looks like garbage like the streets.
  11. Near Los Angeles, I live in “Orange”. You live in Los Angeles?
  12. I live inside of a orange..... near the big boi city called, Los Angeles.
  13. Roy


    Don’t worry man, remember the times we had together pear, when we bhop together, when you call me a kid and said to me,”bhop side way, good luck have fun”. Or something like that. We had fun, but time goes by and we all have to grow from that or grow from something like a plant or a tree. I hope you get unban and stop saying the brown reverse (nword). And I should stop drinking chocolate milk because I can’t drink beer or wine. So if you get unban, welcome back and we should do stuff sideways only, like fishing sideways..... Tell me when ur ready for sideways bhop boi...
  14. Can I be promoted to Senior Gladiator instead of Mr.Gladiator?