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    Slime Rancher

    Game Name: Slime Rancher Platform: PC X-Box PS4 Time Spent: 150 hours Do you recommend? Yes What you rate the game: (1 to 10) 8 Initial Thoughts: Slime Rancher is a fantastic game worth your time. It's not a game where you play non-stop it's more of an on & off game too play when your bored or if you want too cool off. The game is also beautiful and provides a calm experience. Gameplay and Story: The game starts with you, aka Beatrix, takes over a worn out ranch 1,000 light years away from earth (which is also the name of the beautiful song in the end credits) known as the far, far range. When you go into the game you are met with these cute creatures called "slimes" which you harvest their goods (basically poop) by feeding them their preferred foods. Food is divided into 3 categories which are Veggies, Fruits, and Meat and can be used too cool down feral slimes. You can put slimes in pens using the vac-pack that has the power to suck in slimes, food and plorts, but also has the ability to push things back and launch stuff stored in the pack. There are also Lardo slimes that you can make by giving a slime a different plort, these Lardo slimes produce 2 plorts, 1 of each different slime, but if you give it one of the 2 slimes favorite foods it will give you double. When making lardos make sure not to give it another different plort, or else it will turn into an evil tarr slime. Finally there is one more big slime called a Gordo, the Gordo slime can be fed food of its type to burst into regular slimes and crates along with food. In the end game you can access Hobson vaults that store tons of gold slime plorts which are the most valuable plort in the game. Oh ya, there are other slimes that cant be bred like gold slimes and lucky slimes which will disappear after you feed them. Later in the game is where the story kicks in and starts to pick up speed. The ending is worth getting too jest because of the song i mentioned earlier. On a final note there is a subsection where you can play a mini game where you get quicksilver plorts that can be sold at Mochi's Manor, where you play the mini game. Backstory: Not much is known, but what is known is that you, Beatrix, take over a ranch previously owned by Hobson who wanted to travel space time using the warp terminals found in the glass desert, but the love for his companion Thora West kept him home. Pros: Beautiful game Great for passing time Cons: Slow in the mid-game hard to play in long sittings (if you consider this a con) Final Thoughts: Slime Rancher is a game about cute slimes living in a beautiful environment while you enslave them too poop out your paycheck.
  2. I should of clarified, they're sweaty because they're in fur suits all day.
  3. I'm scared of being in crowded indoor areas. Ever since my science teacher taught us about Co2 I feel like i need to rush for air every time i'm in a large crowd.
  4. This question has been lingering in my head for a while! Honestly they have all the right reasons too fight here's a list: Meat Eaters (most furries are omnivores and carnivores) vs Animal lovers sweaty people vs skinny people wool wearers vs leaf wearers defensive community vs offensive community (Furries vs Vegans) Please help me solve this very important problem that needs too be solved NOW!
  5. Well it really depends on how you see it but the reason they break is so you don't hug onto one weapon in the game for the whole game. Sure sometimes it can make you feel sad that your amazing blizzard wand broke but if you held onto it the whole game it would make you reliant and not experiment with other weapons which could be better or even more powerful than your slushy machine in a stick.
  6. Quesadillas or Cheese Burgers. The cheesy gods are too good!
  7. jest do /\ /\ \/ \/ < > < > B A [start] idk got me through preschool should apply here right?
  8. Nice guy and fun to be around. +1
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    +1 I like that he records his game, it makes people think about what they do.
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    In-Game Name Yalta Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity STEAM_0:0:140412469 Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 7 days Reason for Joining I've been around the xG community a while now and have loved it so I though I should join it too. I mainly play on surf but also join trade time to time, all I have to say about theses servers are good. I play the surf server because of the people on it and the environment the create and also to improve my surfing skills, even if its a combat surf it lets me skip the jail w/ cptele so i only have to be in jail if I want too. Another reason i love the surf server are the staff, they're friendly and helpful but do their job when it calls. I haven't played much on the trade server only going on it every once in a while to see if I can get some trades. In the time I've been on the trade server the people have been relaxed and not off the rails like most trade servers. in conclusion xG is great group with a great community and that's why I want to become apart of it.