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  1. Steam's Autumn sale finally hit, any games you guys would recommend? If anyone else is looking for recommendations I would highly recommend the Metro series The Wolfenstein series and the Bioshock series. I would also recommend the first two Dead Space games and the first two Mass Effect games they are really good but sadly you can only get the first two of each series on Steam and you have to get the third one's on Origin. Another good game I would recommend if you like old school crpgs is pillars of Eternity 1 and 2. I've been playing the first one lately and could already tell it's a game I'm probably going to put hundreds of hours into.
  2. Me and my 2nd baby momma going to jack in the box today
  3. At work selfie, haven't been on TF2 surf much lately because I just purchased a new truck and I'm trying to pay it off so I've been working like a dog.
  4. Real selfie of me since its Sunday, im smoking a big a$$ stogie and drinking some craft beer lol
  5. I never liked them either back when I used to live in Michigan, now I live in a pretty rural area in Kansas and they taste pretty similar to walleye so I think it has to be because the water is not as polluted out this way.
  6. Caught a few catfish behind my house today and fried them up, nothing taste better than fresh fish that were swimming 2 hours ago lol so i thought id share.
  7. It is a pretty fun hobby, charcoal is better because it taste alot more authentic plus its fun to build a fire to get it all going.
  8. For a free antivirus and paid I've always had great luck with bitdefender. https://www.bitdefender.com
  9. Here's a pic of me with my baby momma from yesterday and heres one of us in 2013 or 2014 cant remember.
  10. Check out some of the meats i smoked. I feel like Mark Zukerberg just hanging around smoking meats. The grill by the way is called The Akorn and its pretty slick, i can hold a temp as low as 150°F and as high as 1250°F which is pretty damn impressive for a charcoal grill.
  11. So my baby momma got me a $50 steam giftcard, what games do you guys recommend?