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  1. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name ✪ Eugene Krabs Offender's Identity 76561198852505507 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence these fat bois hecker and krabs are freekilling every round and no admins would respond to an @ in team chat. so i gotta do this the hard way xd as seen in the short video they are just bad people in general and don't deserve to play on the server ( i can post more videos of them doing this if needed) Counter-Strike__Global_Offensive_8_23_2018_4_55_43_AM_Trim.mp4
  2. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name ESF Offender's Identity esftruth Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence got warden, passed it, then proceeded to mass freekill all but 1 t while they were still in cells. Counter-Strike__Global_Offensive_8_18_2018_10_14_25_PMTrim.mp4
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    In-Game Name ToBeDetermined Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/OneShotNeko/ Age 16 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 42 hours Reason for Joining randomly looked up jailbreak the other day, and this server had the best community so i wanna be like a full member and stuff man