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  1. They should rename the Aegean sea to the G-in sea, cause you're a fucking G. 💯

    1. Tatost


      that's pretty gay dude

    2. Aegean


      thank you thank you


  2. stop qq-ing @Vexx

  3. SegFault


    edit: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/582339273089482783/604841313895972865/JPEG_20190727_200315.jpg
  4. SegFault


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name BigDickCowboy OwO<3 Identity STEAM_0:0:55604505 Ban Type Not Listed Information Y'all know what I did, I abused power and fucked up real bad, so ill keep it short and sweet. Y'all know I love xG and ive been around for many years. I'm just trying to come hang with my friends again and stay with the community
  5. Congrats @ABlueSkittle123 @hongkongatron!
  6. Honestly to weigh in, bonfire hit it on the head IMO. If anything rebrand the server. I think keep the theme or full rebrand
  7. @shwash lurking in the hotel
  8. Yo congrats to everyone! Sick lineup for Minecraft also I was admin @virr but I thought it was already implied
  9. Hey man, you've seen alot of good and alot of not so good come through xG in your stay. You're awesome to chill with and it's always fun hanging and playing games. Sorry to see you go, but we're always here and got your back. It's been real, and I hope to stay in touch! Best of luck with everything life throws at you!
  10. @Roosty is roosty. Hes never been on JB afaik @Roosty is roosty. Hes never been on JB afaik
  11. when r we gunna rock the kazbah 

    1. SegFault


      As soon as I can get a gallon of LSD

  12. I feel attacked and flattered. But I like the new guns in 10 man. It changes up the play style a bit and keeps it fresh.
  13. I would like to apologize for my actions, there is no excuse for what i did and I am sorry to the community in all of its facets. Nothing more to say other than I fucked up. I would like to thank everyone for the good times weve had over the past years and the learning experiences we've shared. Congrats to the new staff and members, especially Lithium, you earned it man.
  14. Honestly +1 tolerable enough to keep unmuted. I think he finally understands the concept of community and maturity enough