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  1. +1 active and friendly af 1 1hr ban on record tho: advertising meme gone too far, nbd, was never a problem after that
  2. Unfortunately, your membership application has been rejected at this time. This decision was made jointly by @Caleb956 and I for the reason the we feel like you need to keep showing your personal growth before you can be accepted. The past few weeks have been good for ya, but we need to see that your outlook towards the community has improved. While you might view this as a meme, many of us view xG as a family. I just want to make sure xG gets the respect it deserves from you before you're allowed to wear the tag again. Please feel free to re-apply after 30 days if you want, and try and build back some positive rep on the forums and on discord!
  3. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for moderator at this time. Before you apply for a Moderation position, you must have been a member of the clan for a minimum of thirty days. You must have a minimum of 50 forum posts before you may apply. You must have thoroughly read through the Admin Handbook before you may apply. (Found here: Staff Manual ) Please feel free to reapply when you have met all the requirements above!
  4. Bitch @Tekk you deleted it
  5. Honestly easy +1. And no, it's not cause he's my friend. Let me break it down for y'all. As a DL I'm tasked with picking staff members for my division. When I do this I look for a few key things. That's maturity (as in knowing when to be serious and when to have a laugh), work ethic (how well you do your job and making sure you don't cut corners, etc.), and quick thinking (can you interpret a situation and make a good call on how to deal with it). Now, Polar shows a great deal of all of these. His work ethic is rare. For example, at his IRL job I know even when it's rough, he never complains about it. He just says he'll figure it out and grinds it till he gets it right again. Maturity, he likes to troll and joke around but if his work ethic says anything it's that on our servers as staff, he's going to take it seriously and do what's right. Lastly, his quick decision making. When somethings up, he makes smart decisions that genuinely take all parties into account, and when it's something personal, he removed himself and his feelings from the situation on server. He owns up to his mistakes and always is trying to grow/learn from them. He works hard and knows the rules. He's also incredibly active in the community accross all social circles. So yeah, +1.
  6. +1 tho. Can get a bit tilted or overly excited, but is just a kid. Super nice and interested in hanging with the community A:8 M:6
  7. Steam Community :: pickle chin ah boi STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM N words in my butthole Steam Community :: Roosty STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM I play league, Gmod and CS:GO 49ERS ALL THE WAY! I PLAY BASEBALL before @ScottNi bitches his hours are on surf (yes bud, you do have that server) and 10man
  8. SegFault


    Hey it never hurts to reach for the stars and show motivation
  9. Bump please +1 Also its 61 days. I'm sorry
  10. Division TF2 In-Game Name xGDL BigDickCowboy Identity The one that's not Segal Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 56 days, 9 h, 40+min Information I want to ban ppl so I can has DickLover tag in name I have read the staff submission rules and written the requirements for the division I'm applying for. No
  11. SegFault


    I shit on him alot, but in all seriousness, Duke has proven many times over he's a great staff member and a valuable asset to any team. +1
  12. SegFault


    I hear it's Nuclear Dawn
  13. Actually ghetto af bruh Almond Joy/Mounds all the way