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  1. +1 nice guy A 9 M 9 (sorry didn’t realize i already put a +1 )
  2. I think it would be cool to have this happen like once a map were someone automatically gets a bounty of like 10 credits and then you have to go find that person but not sure how you could do it with more than one ct maybe split 10 credits into how many cts there are..idk
  3. +1 nice guy, pretty chill a 8 m 9
  4. I remember seeing him a couple of months ago then he was gone for a while but has been active recently so +1 A:7 M:8
  5. I think your right about the aim thing from what I’ve seen it can be more difficult to hit someone with a custom player model but at the same time they have to work for the credits because usually they are like 50k credits or more from what I’ve seen at least on servers but maybe it would not be the best thing for JB I like the surf idea and I’m wondering if not played models hats?
  6. Good insite I’m sure there is ways around that but I would have no clue how to even begin with something like that I just thought it would be cool to bring a little attention to it and see if it would be even a viable option in the future. You feel?