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Mouse Appears On Home And During Gameplay.

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So my mouse appears on the Home screen(regular not in game white mouse). I have to click my mouse many times for something to actually click and when I try and play the game my mouse appears in the middle of my cross hair. When I rotate my game (not aswd) the mouse gets bigger. If someone knows how to fix this, that would be great.

Until I get to know how to fix, I will be heading over to TF2.

EDIT: Nevermind, same thing happens with tf2 just in a different spot.

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I got it to be ok. I had to delete and reinstall csgo many times then I had to delete steam from my computer and reinstall. After all that, I had to reinstall csgo and change the FUCKING THING TO FUCKING FULL SCREEN AND IT FUCKING WORKED. FUCK MY LIFE...ALL THAT FOR PRESSING ONE SIMPLY BUTTON TO MAKE IT GO INTO FUCKING FULL SCREEN???????!!!!!!!! FUCK U GABEN!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. PLz Gaben....I love you dont kill me with ur power

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set your csgo launch options to

-full -novid


-full ||| will force the game to start in fullscreen

-novid ||| will cut out the intro video when starting up the game

My full launch options are


-dxlevel 81 -full -w 1280 -h 1024 -console -novid -nojoy -high -language bananagaming -exec autoexec


-dxlevel 81 ||| this will set DirectX to 8 instead of 9

-w 1280 ||| sets width

-h 1024 ||| sets height

-console ||| opens console when the games starts

-novid ||| disable intro video

-nojoy ||| disable joystick controls

-high ||| set game in high priority mode

-language bananagaming ||| custom settings (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abDMXnD0sKc)

-exec autoexec ||| exec file autoexec.cfg





although most of these are unnecessary if you have a crappy computer it might help although it doesn't help my computer anymore SINCE MY COMPUTER DOESN"T START UP AND I CAN ONLY USE MY PHONE and this really old labtop

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