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  1. lilbleed

    lolisme - Discord

  2. lilbleed

    1v1 Tournament

    Sign me up?
  3. lilbleed


    im listening to some boof plastic keys
  4. lilbleed

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    Thread Closed!!11!1!!!~~~~~~~~~~
  5. lilbleed


    +1 filters out the peanuts in the server
  6. lilbleed


    +1 b1g brain and is active
  7. lilbleed

    Yearly or Bi-Annually Cs 1v1 tourny

    Could people who have cheated in the past be even considered for this. I cheated for what? 1 month and it was 7 months ago and it wasn't even on any xg servers or in any other communities. I'm also not stupid enough to cheat on my main steam account. @Pepper is still a breadeater lol
  8. lilbleed


    +1 even though he broke our 200+ day streak last week.
  9. lilbleed


    +1 has common sense unlike half the peanuts on the server
  10. lilbleed

    Oh Honey

  11. lilbleed

    Oh Honey

    I mean noone carries 6 sets of diamond armor on them, they keep it in a chest. also if u didnt care you wouldn't be responding still XD
  12. lilbleed

    Oh Honey

    I guess you wont miss the armor we got then. XD. : PJSalt :
  13. lilbleed

    Oh Honey

    I don't know about that, did noone tell you about the double chests full of enchanted diamond armor that fell from your vault? Also learn to build a simple tnt cannon before talking please and thank you
  14. lilbleed

    Oh Honey

    There's nothing to pack up.