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  1. beautiful piece brother, will keep it in mind.
  2. @realBelloWaldi I have missed you brother, also AN ADMIN SAID KYS
  3. @Genocide https://steamcommunity.com/id/s9m/screenshot/794234860547686014 GLO UP OR GLOW UP NIG=GEV KILLERS 3000s
  4. people are just mad because IM FUCKING NUTS WITH THE NEGEV, CLIP ALL THE MASSACRES IVE HIT @Pepper
  5. Screenshot by Gyazo GYAZO.COM @DepressedNeonNepp fuck u
  6. -1 this dude's name is level21drugdealer but he's the BIGGEST snitch on jb, makes it impossible for Ts to rebel with this dude probably why ppl r so toxic to him. how u gonna name urself a drug dealer but be A SNITCH
  7. ESEA, CEVO, FACEIT, or any 3rd party competitive client all do not have these guns unbanned. If you're looking at it from a competitive aspect, there is none in xenogamers considering half the time we're pulling up strat roulette. *Checks every other server* *no guns disabled* *checks xg scrim server* *endgame spoiler*
  8. abusing a gun that's already a part of the game, might as well ban nutty from using a sawed-off..same concept. Also this doesnt really apply to you since you get carried every game. Steam Community :: Screenshot :: yikes STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM Steam Community: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. yikes yikes this is from a year ago and YOU STILL BE GETTING LESS THAN 10 kills @Genocide
  9. The point of my thread was mainly directed towards the negev.
  10. Hi, I would like to propose that we enable negev and zeus on the scrim server Whenever I see someone ask Lithium he just says no, sorry but its true, and yet many of the people deciding that they're disabled don't even play scrims anymore. I don't the problem is, they are a part of the game + we already have kids running around rubber banding jumping corners with UMPs in every 10man, + people who use scummy bugs such as pixel walks and .hp abusing (and still lose @Shox). no flame but if you abuse bugs/rq games/ and/or is a tf2 player who sits in the csgo chat and posts their opinion about csgo but has sub 100 hours, dont respond. @Rabid @Lithium @LeToucan @BleedsBrother @MinerTeddy @virr
  11. +1 fucks on kids in 10mans ? a:1 m:1
  12. i miss you bb

  13. I like to compare myself to my fellow peer J Cole, I feel as if I'm not a newfag anymore or an old faggot, therefore I don't belong in either generation, such as in J Cole's song "Middle Child". I also was almost was denied because I massed in tf2 in 2013-14 under the name "gay bacon stripz" because I'm a young baller and hate furries. thanks @Bonk for the +1 #jcole #jcolemusic #middlechild #bonkisgay #allfurriesshouldburn