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  1. Yeah man, I totally agree with what has been said!
  2. gryfons

    Guess My Name!

    Time to look back to years of old communication between me and you when you told me your name like 3 years ago
  3. Where am I? I should be at the top?
  4. gryfons


    +1 lithium abuses me 2
  5. Reason? You need to apply for membership first. https://xenogamers.com/applications/1/respond/
  6. Long time, glad to hear from you
  7. I do not know what is happening on your end. I just checked this out on the server, and it is working just fine for me. It probably has something to do with the perms for your rank. @XHina_sanX @Amylicious
  8. thats just a glitch in minecraft. If you break 2 many blocks 2 fast then some of those blocks appear to be gone but they are still there. place a block where it is glitching and then watch it change into the block that was already there. its an easy fix
  9. If u think that i will do anything then u dont know me at all. Im to lazy and not a big part in the community anymore