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  1. BullseyeX


    still it shouldn't be happening anyway just block him and move on
  2. BullseyeX


    Just looking at some of this i see it as childish/immature just grow up and don't play with people as for the mod thing i wouldn't be against giving him PM for the time being but for now its neutral A: 8 M: 5
  3. BullseyeX

    What’s is your favorite animal?

    Penguins wear suits there is no changing minds
  4. BullseyeX

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    can i just say that shield tho XD
  5. BullseyeX

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    @Lottamos / Goldfish was a member of the server and did a lot of toxic things but now that he is trying to get into another clan and i feel like he is personally trying to get banned on purpose I think instead of letting him ruin the server for others just give him the ban he wants and Make xG Great Again. unless lottamos has anything to defend his case i feel this should be an easy and shut case
  6. BullseyeX

    Rabidtoken - Counter-Strike

    -1 for now almost all my encounters have been negative but if he can improve i might switch. A: 8 M: 5
  7. BullseyeX

    Steam Trading Cards

    problem with this is that it takes 20 cards or more to get 3
  8. BullseyeX

    Steam Trading Cards

    I'm looking for people to donate or possibly trade for steam trading cards, I don't have much to offer so its more of a donation, I'm just trying to level up my account cause why not so if you have steam trading cards plz donate them if you don't use em. Trade Link : Steam Community STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM
  9. BullseyeX


    -1 the problem was "I got back on and fought my case" you shouldn't argue with staff i know bonk may have been a little harsh to ban for a little bit of music but i'm sure it was necessary if he did.
  10. BullseyeX

    Osrs mobile

    The fastest way to make money is to kill cows for ~2 years then sell all the hide you have collected and boom you made 20k username : BullseyeXYT
  11. BullseyeX

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    you're not just calling staff on for one specific thing if you call a staff on its to watch over the server not just to do your biding
  12. BullseyeX


    This is mine now
  13. BullseyeX

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    In my opinion if it look like neither of you are going to finish and its already been like 2-3 minutes then I would slay yourself anyway as to not delay, I don't think it should be held against you for slaying as to not delay
  14. BullseyeX

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    There are very few moments when staff aren't on if there are none then just get on discord and ask for a staff member and one will come running