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  1. BullseyeX

    Portal 2 Division

    Portal 2 is for Bumpies
  2. Do you guys think it would be fun to have a day of D&D, This will be played on Tabletop Simulator, Take the whole day and just play with like 8 people it can be set up like a week in advance with the characters and story?
  3. BullseyeX


    Our job is to make the server fun for everyone and yes it may be annoying to some to have to wait for some dummy to tell a story it still moves the day and is done faster than most and although I agree its boring we can't just tell him he can't do it because he isn't breaking any rules.
  4. BullseyeX


    From what i remember he shot at the marker but didnt say it was there so the people didnt know i see how it could be a mistake and if its a perm i think it should be lowered
  5. I think our punishment for rude people should be a good spankings from each dm/dl
  6. I didn't ask for any of this
  7. +1 arthman play minecwaft
  8. I have the same tier as my grades
  9. I'm waiting for my Roblox DL Promotions 🙄

  10. he is trying not to be a basic bich Also i don't do this a lot or really at all but you don't cause problems and i have actually been on to see you play +1 chill no problems A: 8 M: 8
  11. I am no furry but if you are asking this question you already are one RIP