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  1. BullseyeX


    No need to reply just watch and wait for people to +1/-1 and after you will be either rejected or accepted
  2. BullseyeX


    Hasn't been 30 days sorry @Lithium
  3. BullseyeX


    First of all you entered armory chasing a rebel then instead of going into vents to follow him you sat in armory for a solid minute and waited for him to hopefully come back?!?!?
  4. BullseyeX

    Casual Boost

    Yeah in moonjail if you just sit there at the start of surf and wait the people who fail die die from fall damage after respawning onto your head
  5. BullseyeX


    -1 even though goldfish can get member doesn't mean all toxic 12 yo can, i have been on many times where you are close to breaking rules or have just been rude, again others do it too and you have shown you know some rules but i feel the maturity still needs improvement. A: 6 M: 4
  6. BullseyeX


    -1 needs improvements A: 6 M: 4
  7. BullseyeX


    I can see that but just talking about nonsense is useless and tells us nothing
  8. BullseyeX


    I'm going to stay neutral as i haven't seen him on recently but I would like to remind everyone this is just to see if you want him to be a member or not not a place to argue or discuss just leave a -1 or +1 and leave it at that.
  9. BullseyeX


    yeah i believe it was right in the beginning of the round he decided to shoot all the t's for no reason
  10. BullseyeX

    pls halp

    What can you fill out a proper ban protest form @Lithium
  11. BullseyeX


    +1 besides asking for a gun every round he follows the rules and is good boy A: 6 M: 8
  12. is cool guy tough guy

  13. BullseyeX


    he in discord he said "bullseye go minus one my app" so i did so yes its a meme ima stay neutral
  14. BullseyeX


    -1 told me to -_-
  15. BullseyeX


    Fake grill gamer im the only one