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  1. It's been fun but I am really busy with school and work and have no time to play. I would also like to focus on school more so I will be gone for a bit and plan on coming back.
  2. +1 I don't usually do this but I have seen a change in you and I am trusting you don't fuck up again A:5 M:5
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is tired of playing the same 4 maps, Can we please add a longer wait period between maps so we don't get the same 4 maps played
  4. We can do hide and seek or some stupid shit with sombra
  5. if we don't get this as a last ct music I might just die
  6. -1 the fact that you sold cheats is a no-no in my books but as well as the toxicity you had I would have to say no to you being unbanned
  7. I will stay neutral but I will say that you have improved but not enough your maturity is still meh 4/10 if you can just bring that up a little I think you can get a chance at being a member again. A:7 M:4
  8. Oh well he has a pass so its ok XD
  9. No virr we are free people we do what we want +1 came to there senses and left tango A : ? M : ?
  10. BullseyeX


    +1 tatost is furry
  11. from what I see yes he shouldn't have gotten that close but you did knife him so other than a bait nothing much
  12. BullseyeX

    Portal 2 Division

    Portal 2 is for Bumpies
  13. Do you guys think it would be fun to have a day of D&D, This will be played on Tabletop Simulator, Take the whole day and just play with like 8 people it can be set up like a week in advance with the characters and story?
  14. BullseyeX


    Our job is to make the server fun for everyone and yes it may be annoying to some to have to wait for some dummy to tell a story it still moves the day and is done faster than most and although I agree its boring we can't just tell him he can't do it because he isn't breaking any rules.