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  1. Yeah, I just havent found the time to do it. I already dont go through TSA though.
  2. Airline pilot, and flight instructor.
  3. thefalcon

    xG Gamer Revival

    Ey @Duke Ya boy Duke Jr. is back ?
  4. Yoyo just trying to jam with the degens again.
  5. thefalcon


    I guess im here n stuff so hi
  6. thefalcon

    xG Gamer Revival

    Dr Strangelove was hands down the best warden, that and doug, Does Duke still exist?
  7. If someone could find a port this map is an old favorite of mine
  8. RIP maybe we could put a JB server back up on CSGO?
  9. Show me where you had any legitimate +1s. ;) since the ones you got all said you were active on the servers, but as ShadowSpy (Gaara) pointed out at the time, you had 0 activity on the servers, and hadn't been on them for a few months, you also came back to the thread after leaving for about a month as well. :)
  10. Why the hell is it much past that date ... by xG rules i have one month to get my +1's looks like you need to re-read some of your rules :p https://xenogamers.org/threads/24561/#post-178585
  11. Division: Counter-Strike: Source In-Game Name: thefalcon Steam ID: STEAM:0:0:41007715 Banned: No Previously in xG: Yes Active on Teamspeak: Yes Age: 17 Further Information: Previously in the clan. DO me a nice favor and get me back in <3. old submission thread thefalcon @@Deodate @@serbiansnaga @@TurdWig @@TheRageWay @@StartNow @@Cristo @@Chrono @@Angrehorse @@Speechluss @@TobytheSlave
  12. Alright guys this application has been up since June, and I was a very early member of xG that didnt leave on bad circumstances, if we could get some people to check out this submission, or send it to some of your friends thatd be great.