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  1. +1 He's proven himself to be trustworthy, and is exactly what we need right now. Map changes, rule changes, plugin changes, all that good stuff.
  2. you know the rules, lunch breaks can only be 2 years
  3. It's kind of become sporadic. Some days poketrade/tgh will have 20 people and some days not a single person will join the entire day, so it's really just a matter of checking at the right time. You can actually see the number of people in-game in your browser with game.me, though like I mentioned the population recently has been kind of weird.
  4. +1 at least its better than tuna and baggel
  5. +1 playing this map has convinced me to pirate and emulate the ed edd n eddy game
  6. I've seen him around, and I don't think one small slip up should affect member status tbh, I would +1
  7. I'm thinking about doing some things with valve hammer again. However, I can only do one thing at a time and I honestly don't know which. Both of them will eventually get done one way or another, but I want to know which one is more important. I mean, you can read the title; I can either make another update to rogueport that fixes even more of it's problems, or I can make an entirely new map specifically for TGH. If I update rogueport: TO DO LIST Fix the stairs outside of red spawn Remove the water sound effect that plays over the whole map for some reason Add more overlays on the walls to make them less bare Re-add some of the old jump/skips that all classes could do Update the wall of xg easter egg Add a new secret all together Better placement for the exit from the secrets Fix the spinning garlic bread Many small secrets that you can find around the map If I create a new map entirely: It will be centered around allowing all classes to be useful It will be styled similarly to secrets in rogueport There will be many, many, many secrets and things to find on the map Although the focus will be combat for the most part I will be taking suggestions on what to add into it by old time tgh players Not much has been drafted yet for it, but I have all kinds of ideas for them the time comes.
  8. Fair enough, we need mods so it's a +1 from me
  9. I play on tgh almost every day and I don't see you on, like ever. Gonna be neutral for now unless you've been using an alt or a changed name or something.
  10. lets add this to tgh right now, it sounds perfect
  11. What a very familiar dialect, where have I seen this before? Certainly not on another ban protest which was denied.
  12. remove health bars and anything remotely relating to death so every1 haz fun =3
  13. +1 I think he's really matured a lot since he was last here. Definitely worth giving a shot. A:6 M:7