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  1. Heck, so many people can draw that I didn’t know could draw. Also it looks v good but I feel like it just needs more detail to look ultra
  2. At this point I just assume half of the leave posts are gonna pull a sneaky on ya
  3. we need laddies to vote its time to pokemon GO to the poles thank
  4. Where did all my 1934 boys go

    1. -Diphikult


      @Charles Manson

  5. I consume my buttery popped treats by connecting them to my bloodstream through an IV, this is the most natural way to absorb nutrients
  6. I was actually starting to wonder where you were, hope you’re ok
  7. So, it turns out that I ended up putting WAY more effort into rogueport than I thought, and I have made a list of more than 30+ of its changes, fixes, rebalancing, easter eggs, and anything else that I changed. Its final release was supposed to be today, though due to technical issues, it'll most likely be coming out tomorrow. With that being said, there are 2 things I need to ask the community before I finish. If I don't get answers, probably nothing special will happen, but here is what it is: 1. What should I do with the noose? It seems like many people want the noose to have some kind of function, but I can't think of anything balanced or reasonable, so if you have any ideas, please tell me. 2. What should I do with the two pipes? of course referencing the tall pipe outside red spawn, and the short pipe next to the large HP. It is prefered that the one near red spawn is an exit pipe rather than an entrance. I honestly don't know what to do with them and it feels like they should have some kind of function. Anyhow, I feel like I've outdone myself with this last update and it will make the map much more interesting to explore and make it look much more like rogueport in-game. Of course, as of right now I'm... recreated about 25 overlays that I managed to crtl-z out of existence by accident so, yeah. And feel free to suggest anything else before the technical final release (which will be v6 most likely, and it will be a bugfix update)
  8. Dont u mean diet canada? #rekt #completelydestroyed #ultraomegaroast this post was made by the ohio gang
  9. With a little help from Lithium, I now have access to rogueport in Valve Hammer, which means I can start to fix all of its' issues. Right now on the agenda is: Fixing the weird stairs/hard to jump out of water Changing the door/chimney hitboxes to not be so annoying More/different health packs Other various map-hitbox problems Making the music scale with the in-game music setting I would like to know anything else that people might be thinking that I could change, it could be anything, even the smallest thing. makexggreatagain.jpg
  10. More opportunities to add maps, rather than being stuck in the voting phase for months at a time then eventually being forgotten And yea, I know that many of the current maps we have are never played, but maybe if we see something new there’s a chance people will like it Even maps that people think were bad when they got added were played for a couple weeks before moving into irrelevancy, so trying out something can still be worth it for a little bit
  11. I don’t understand the classic meme, is it a meme because it’s so bad or is it a meme because it encourages bodyshots? I personally use it because low damage