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  1. remove health bars and anything remotely relating to death so every1 haz fun =3
  2. +1 I think he's really matured a lot since he was last here. Definitely worth giving a shot. A:6 M:7
  3. As long as you don't add trading plazas and other server's main maps it should be fine, I even have my own custom map I could try to get added, though it's practically put together with duct tape
  4. Just gotta change the definition of spam. Cause' I've seen people get muted over just using their mic which is just at a high volume Also I really wish "no immature voices" meant "no little kids on mic" because that would be a great improvement on the quality of conversation thx
  5. Everyone already hates rtd, what will this accomplish other than make people not want to play?
  6. Allow people to use hldj and other likewise software. You can just client mute someone if you don’t want to hear their music. Though the same rules would apply to playing music, nothing purposefully annoying and no playing over each other.
  7. you can’t just download ram all willy nilly, you need to attach a magnet to your ssd first or else it won’t work
  8. Oh god too many, starting from most recent to oldest just a mou 32 Bit Operating System that one pizza roll thats still cold FatalErrorTesla HiddenTesla56 cybershockk (the name I first used when I got steam in like 2012) cyberwave (literally roblox) pokeweegee (literally means Pokémon weegee and it was for YouTube in like 2010) DSi (the name I used on my dsi lmao) For some reason I don’t cringe at my previous names, probably because they all fit the era of the internet they came from
  9. We actually did a pop even for TF2 yesterday and it went pretty well, we had 25 or so people for awhile and I gave out 2 pages of secret saxtons so yea
  10. Tf2 div is deader than ever so I hope you’re csgo div
  11. It’s one of the biggest/most important cities in the United States, are you European or something
  12. I would say +1 just because it’s a conne map, but I’ve never played on it with more than like 5 people so I don’t know it’s weakness as a map
  13. +1 you can hear his voice over everyone else on mic, the perfect ability
  14. It’s a hard choice between skittles and Reese’s, but I guess I’ll say skittles because it lasts the longest
  15. during the heat death of the universe somewhere in the galaxy will be a pc with this thread open on it