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  1. This is basically how I was feeling a couple months ago. I totally understand. Best of luck.
  2. I'm going to miss you a lot. Do whatever you need to get better, and never be afraid to ask others for help when you need it.
  3. Division Team Fortress 2 Offenders In-Game Name Vox Offender's Identity STEAM_0:0:441114085 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence Using an obvious wallhack/aimbot as sniper.evidence.dem
  4. I don't really think this needs any explanation. There are people who like this map, but it doesn't offer any gameplay and gets really old really quick.
  5. Not sure where to put this. I just donated 50 dollars with the intent of getting the Uber Donator perks. I accidentally did so while not logged in, however. Can someone help me?
  6. Vaporeon


    +1 This community is no place for scammers or thieves. The evidence clearly shows that's what this person is.
  7. I would not be happy with a full reset of the world. It wouldn't even be required or helpful for the sake of new content. But if that's what everyone else wants what can you do? I feel like it should be mentioned that tekkit is a bulky modpack and not a plugin. A tekkit server would require every client to have the modpack, which takes like three minutes to launch and eats RAM like a bitch.
  8. +1 I do, however, suggest that we keep the current map and expand upon it (placing the spawn far from where it is, perhaps expand the map and put it at x: 75k or so) instead of completely resetting what we have currently. There's a lot of cool shit in the current world, and I don't want to see it disappear. Also, wait until 1.13 or switch to the latest snapshot so we can see cool ocean shit
  9. Congrats y'all. Glad to have you as staff, Diaper.
  10. Hey Vaporeon, Can we switch Clocktown back to the b2a version? The spawn points were better and it made the map more playable. Everyone I've talked to dislikes the new version and some good friends play tf2 less because the map is bad now. Message me on steam to let me know what I can do to help fix this.
  11. I totally missed out on whatever happened to get you demoted. From what I have seen, though, Sesh is a kind and responsible person, if a bit inward. +1 from me.