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  1. haha, "arise out of it." Makes me laugh.

  2. segal shouldn't have been mod RIP xeno
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    2. Kypari


      Who says he's doing it to get a rise out of it? And if you are so against causing drama then maybe it's best if we both don't respond instead of singling me out for no good reason when you're doing the same as me? :/
    3. Kypari


      Look, I don't want to argue about something so petty. Let's just leave this :/
    4. YeEternalTuna


      That ''No immature voice'' rule was removed ages ago. Theres also nothing in the rules that say he cant make such imitation unless you count the voice changer one but he wasn't using one. So...
  3. ZevoAnonReal


    +1 playing with him atm, saw him here and there on the servers. no problems at all. nice and fun guyy :) A:8 M:9
  4. Sorry I didn’t get my commission info to you yet; I totally forgot :( are you still available to do it? :)
    1. ZevoAnonReal


      sorta of yea, itd be a bit before i could do it. but i can sketch it out
  5. ZevoAnonReal


    I'll +1 this, is chill, met him a few times. But I hope you know that age will play a factor so Good luck. A: 8 M: 8
  6. ZevoAnonReal

    Promotions And Demotions #187

    congrats the new members, and to the promo'd. Sad to see the others go :,<
  7. ZevoAnonReal


    pretty chill guy in the surf servers. and just like @Vacindak sad. +1 A:6 M:9
  8. ZevoAnonReal


    I forgot to add +1
  9. ZevoAnonReal


    Seen him around on some servers. is pretty chill. A:8 M:9
  10. ZevoAnonReal

    Selling Strange festive Spec Ks black box

    Its been sold
  11. Just trying to sell my strange festive spec ks black box for 2.4 keys. Add me if interested.
  12. ZevoAnonReal

    commissions time.

    I will not be taking anymore request atm, I currently have 4 commission to work on. But still feel free to add me and let me know that you're interested Have a good day/night.!
  13. ZevoAnonReal

    commissions time.

    I Forgot to add in the post that the first one is free. But during mid October things will start to change. Till then.
  14. ZevoAnonReal


    +1 chill nice dood. no problems with him lol A:8 M:8
  15. Virr's commission is so fun to do XD
    1. virr


    2. ZevoAnonReal


      dood stop you're gonna kill me with cuteness. lol XD