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  1. Segal


    Denied because you haven't played on the server at all and this app isn't very serious - closed
  2. Segal


    Denied because the application doesn't seem serious and there is a bit of a lack of rule-following on server - closed
  3. Segal


    Denied on the basis that your app is a meme - closed
  4. Accepted and closed
  5. Segal


    Accepted and closed
  6. Segal


    Accepted and closed
  7. Accepted and closed
  8. Segal


    Accepted and closed
  9. Accepted and closed
  10. minion

    1. Segal


      very much so

  11. Well, we have more servers coming and hours don't matter too much on our servers yet anyway.
  12. Moderator applications are now open! You can apply here. Only moderator applications will be accepted and you must have at least 50 forum posts. There isn't really an hour requirement because the servers aren't consistently populated yet. Just try to be on when you can and people are playing.
  13. As the TTT server is very close to being finished, I think it is time to get some gamemodes suggestions for our next server. We will have a vote based on these suggestions later on. Please note that RP servers will not be considered because we lack a consistent player-base and staff team at the moment. I would like to stray away from gamemodes that we already have on other divisions (such as Surf) because there is so much more that can be done in GMOD. Some suggestions already received: Prop Hunt Sled Build Ultimate Chimera Hunt Murder Basewars Deathrun Hide and Seek Cops and Runners