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  1. I think a lot of players are getting bored of the same old maps. Yes, they are great maps, but they get boring after playing them so much. Your list is essentially saying to keep all the maps that are like that. Ideally it would work, but maybe some more variety in maps would make people more intrigued to try them out and play.
  2. Segal

    May I have your hate?

    If you ask for negativity, people are gonna give you positivity just to spite you.
  3. Segal

    Favorite jazz songs?

    What are your favorite jazz songs (if you like jazz)? I think my favorites are like everything Kenny Garrett plays tbh.
  4. congrats @Red @Caleb956 @Skeletal
  5. holy shit danny got destroyed
  6. I have never played Skyrim but I have heard great things about. I might try it out.
  7. Segal

    CYL 3!

    alm is the best
  8. ok I do agree that this thread was a mistake
  9. I am wondering what your favorite ice cream flavors are. Mine are coffee, mint chip, or lemon sorbet depending on what I feel like.
  10. Ok so basically, if I have the sand title (which you can buy for 956 credits), I will be accepted by our leader Caleb956? Oh goodie! I will join the crusade and we will take over the world!
  11. Segal


    ok so basically, +1