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Found 26 results

  1. Usually priced at 42-50k on bp.tf
  2. I think that xG's TF2 servers would be a little more fun if people were allowed to bring Virtual Audio Cable and Foobar to the server and mic spam whatever music they have saved. I got the idea from Neonheights. But I feel like if we handle this the right way, it can be a lot less obnoxious here than it is over there. What do you all think about it? Should we go for it? And if not, how come?
  3. This item has been SOLD for $27.50 Not a bad deal :rolleyes: So I was going to sell this to someone in xG in a week, but it turns out I am going to be gone for awhile (I'll talk about it later) in just a four days. So, I'd like to try and sell this before hand. I'm asking for 11 keys PURE Feel free to offer, though. Send me an offer: Steam Community
  4. i have unboxed a unusual blue mew rocket launcher the effect is isotope its well worn and 1 of 3 in existence only one on the market currently taking offers just msg me on steam [xG]gangster heavy{TM}
  5. Remember the jailbreak populate with did every Saturday and how it started off so well and just kind of died slowly? Me and @Sesh think we should maybe start doing it again but for FF2. If it's possible I would like to request that every Saturday at 7pm EST the higherups create an event on the steam group for people to populate FF2. If we do this every weekend then maybe we can get a steady population going throughout the weeks too? It'd be pretty neat if we could get this started since filling empty servers would be great. @Vexx @mrnutty12 @Basquiat @Sesh
  6. Looking to sell my Holy Grail Dueling Banjo for 30k pure or 35k in overpay. Trade link will be provided. Steam Community
  7. So about a week ago I found out that xg had a slender fortress server. (yes I'm aware I'm slow.) so I was just wondering who else even likes slender fortress cause I personally love the game mode. Maybe we could play sometime cause why not. And if you didn't know about it, It's a thing. Personally I'd like to get on it more but because noone else is on it's hard to enjoy it and I'm sure others feel the same. So I guess this is kinda a request for us all to chill and get spooked :3.
  8. So recently (as in, earlier today) i decided to make the switch to Windows 10 after my fears of it being quite the security scare were finally put to rest. After the update finishes itself and im making my rounds around the new operating system to see if its something ill keep using. Until i begin to start typing... My new keyboard ended up breaking on me again. I had it checked out and it turns out there was a short/whateverthefucktheguycalledit in the keyboard that fried the insides of it. Unfortunately until i get ANOTHER gaming keyboard ill be completely offline from most of my steam games, with the exception of Mabinogi (basic keyboard friendly game). Ill still try my best to be more active here on the servers to prove im not entirely gone from the community, but until then, i will not be present on the tf2 servers, etc.
  9. Hello fellow TF2 Division players. I'm proud to announce the opening of a new server, the Game Rotation server (IP: What is this server, you may ask? Simply put, it's a server to add new gamemodes to our community without having to dedicate one to it for an extended period of time. Votes will be held here every month to see what gamemode will be hosted on the server. Currently, the server is running Murder, a gamemode suggested by @Spoopy about 2 months ago. The first vote will be held in this thread in about 2 - 3 weeks to see if it remains, or gets replaced by a new gamemode. So be sure to keep an eye on this thread for updates! The votes will consist of 3 new gamemodes and a vote to keep the current running gamemode. You can also suggest your own gamemodes for this server. If it's popular enough it will be added to the vote for the next gamemode change. Maps, additional plugins, or specific settings can also be suggested in this thread. As long as you feel your suggestion would help supplement the current running gamemode. If there are issues or concerns about the server, or if something is broken, post it here or message me either here on the forums or on Steam (Steam Profile)
  10. SOLD For 2 keys I'm asking for 2 keys PURE for this. You may make offers, though, but I'll accept any offer with pure promptly. Send me an offer: Steam Community
  11. This is something that's been on my mind for a very very long time. Adding the ability to Bhop on our Deathrun server. Why you may ask? Firstly, because it's fun. Secondly, because if you play regularly on our Deathrun server, you'll know that there's quite a few traps that you absolutely cannot escape or get past. Be it a ridiculously large hitbox, a quick moving (sometimes invisible) hazard, or it just being a huge trap. Bhopping could help Runners get through normally impossible or very difficult traps, or even help the Death catch up to people rushing on maps without a pusher. Obviously, however, Bhopping could also make the game much more difficult for those playing Death. How are you gonna catch them when they're moving at Mach 2? Simple, limit the max speed. I believe this is what our Surf server uses (please correct me if I'm wrong), and I propose we use this plugin for Deathrun, considering you have more control over the max speed a player can get and it's much much more customizable. I think Deathrun Redux automatically sets all player's speeds to 300 (except Death) unless our server has it edited. So perhaps set the max obtainable speed to 400-450? Hopefully the plugins use the same unit of measurement... I'm gonna put up a poll to see if anyone else who plays DR might be interested in this, or if the majority of players prefer vanilla(ish) Deathrun.
  12. These games are worth $25.00 USD and I am asking for 6 TF2 Keys Pure ($15.00 Worth of Keys) The following games I have available are : mafia 2 spec ops the line civ 5 I am only selling one of them, once one is purchased the listing is complete. GAME IS DELIVERED AS A STEAM KEY You will receive FULL steam key after trade is complete. THESE KEYS ARE UN-REDEEMED HUMBLEBUNDLE KEYS. Add me if you wish too make this deal! URL will automatically send me a friend request. Please post here to confirm that is why you are adding me if you aren’t already on my friends list. 76561198207852379 On Behalf of SeaSalt MY STEAM-REP : | steam3ID: [u:1:247586651] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:123793325 | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198207852379 | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheSupremePatriot | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198207852379 SEASALTS STEAM-REP: | steamname: SeaSalt | steam3ID: [u:1:62346341] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:31173170 | steamID64: Steam Community :: SeaSalt | customURL: Steam Community :: SeaSalt | steamrep: SteamRep » SeaSalt | 76561198022612069 | STEAM_0:1:31173170
  13. Just trying to sell my strange festive spec ks black box for 2.4 keys. Add me if interested.
  14. Well, About 1 year ago, around the holidays, I had planned to give you guys a Christmas present before I left. However, things didn't work out that way, and the map just got put off to the side for a long time. Over the past few months I have been working on it bit-by-bit, whenever I could get around to doing something with Hammer, to bring this map up to a publishable standard - to share with everyone. Why? It's because when I got back into TF2 in 2012, I started looking into playing on custom servers. Nintendo themed maps were the most interesting to me at the time, so I searched for servers using maps based on a Pokemon game. I typed <<Pokemon>> into the filter dialogue, and I scrolled down the list looking at the player count. Most of the servers were empty or had too little a number of people on it; however, near the bottom of the list, there it was, [xG] Pokemon Trade Centre 30/32. Upon joining this server, I was met with interesting people whom were regulars, and over time I kept coming back because it was an exciting experience being able to play something that was something other than vanilla - this also introduced me to the trading aspects of the game that brought me interesting amounts of profit. Needless to say, this server is also what introduced me to xG as a whole - eventually using the /servers command that led me to Nintendo64tress/TGH where I encountered even more interesting people. I made this re-touch of a map as a personal -thank you- to this community, but, most importantly, it is a gift. The original map that was done by Frewie was cut off in Beta 3 as "finished", yet there were a number of things that needed to be addressed/fixed; therefor, I thought this was a good idea (back in October of 2014). **There is a 'readme' in the .zip archive that will list the details of what is different or the same with this map from the other map** -Screenshots- -Download Link- If something goes wrong, just say something. I tried to make this a smooth and simple presentation, but; then again, I'm just a person that's capable of mistakes like everyone else. Version 1 trade_goldenrodcity_v1.zip Version 1 - B trade_goldenrodcity_v1b.zip
  15. Përshëndetje my friends! I wanted to request something that's been bugging me for quite a while now, which is the fact that you can only save one location with the !cpsave command. Perhaps it could be possible to make you save 2 or 3 locations at once? (you could choose which location to teleport to from the !cpmenu.) Thanks! :emoji_flag_al:
  16. Selling it for 30 keys pure / ~35 in overpay or mixed 1 of 2, unpriced Really good short history and clean buy it pls i need pure lol tagging some people who might be interested @Elcark just you
  17. buy my shit ep2 17 keys pure i guesssss?
  18. I want them for my server. Finding plugins is a hassle and I'm wondering if anyone knows what plugins the TF2 Surf server has. Thanks.
  19. So competitive is rumored to come out in just a few more days, if not a week or 2. Is anyone interested in getting together a few nights a week when comp if officially launched to try to climb the ladder that is TF2 comp? If you are feel free to let me know and possibly add me! I usually play medic in comp but can go heavy or soldier! -Mendacity
  20. *screenshots shown are not 100% accurate to the current color scheme. Current Version : 3.0.0 Click here for the Classic Menu Version : http://toonhud.com/user/thesupremepatriot/theme/ZHQKSDCX/ Download with Server Bookmarks : (This File Version is [2.1.2B] [Legacy]) xGToonHud V 2.1.2B.zip Hud Compatibility
  21. Selling Field Tested Sand Cannon for 1.5 keys. Send me any offer.
  22. I'm trying to get some keys to cash out. However the spells I was planning on collecting won't be useful once I get a nice all class hat. So I'm selling these spells for quite a bit less than they're worth. Or at least what I paid on some. Corpse gray footprints madame dixie: 2 keys (normally around 5) Spectral spectrum Bunsen burner: 2 keys (normally around 4-5) Chromatic corruption + bruised footprints Crone's dome: 10 keys ( Normally around 15) halloween fire + exorcism + killstreak Unique degreaser: 3 keys (Normally 5+) I'm looking for pure preferably as I'm just wanting to sell the keys. Just lemme know what you'd like by adding me on steam, or leaving a comment on my profile. Steam Community :: Ms.Spooks Thanks and have a spooky day :D
  23. Hi all, As some of you may know, I've got a pretty large collection of items with Halloween Spells attached to them (Nearly 270 different items!). I'm willing to sell a portion of my collection for PURE or Unusuals / other rare items. Please view my backpack here: Steam Community :: Matteomax :: Item Inventory I have EVERY TYPE of Halloween Spell; From Footprints and paint spells to Halloween Fire, Pumpkin Bombs, and Exorcism, there's a lot to look at, folks, and these are extremely rare to find nowadays! ADD ME if interested, we can discuss prices over chat. Please post below if you do add me, though.
  24. Dolphin

    Selling Spells

    I can do offers or negotiations