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  1. I would be petty and leave a reaction like I always do with all of your posts, but there really isn't a point anymore. I'll give credit where credit is due, you've managed to go more than a month without dramatically leaving and coming back again, and you also seem more mature than you were from what I heard. Keep it up I guess. Good luck on your future endeavors, whatever they might be.
  2. you cannot convince me that bagged milk is real, it's a sick joke made to taunt americans, it has to be

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    2. Caleb956


      Bagged milk is indeed fake news

    3. Egossi


      I prefer canned milk

    4. Meaty


      Bagged milk is real but it is a sin.

  3. I think non-gaming maps should be added. Yes, it goes against the theme of the server, but when your theme is a fairly niche thing that not many maps are made for anymore in a game that is dying at a rapid rate, I don't think it matters. Anything that brings people in and keeps them coming back should be more important right now than maintaining the integrity of the server's theme, especially when that theme is not bringing in the same people it used to. But hey, what do I know?
  4. Precious


    Finally, I've been waiting for someone to bring this up. Shadower has been farming dislikes for a while now, and is constantly trying to say dumb shit to get people riled up on the forums. Every time I see a post here, he's always poking his nose where it doesn't belong to say something condescending or obnoxious. I'm surprised he hasn't lost membership sooner, is this seriously a person you want representing your community? I get xG is generous when it comes to handing out memberships but as far as I see it, Shadower doesn't seem to care if he loses it and acts toxic anyways. You'd be doing your name a favor. I don't think he should be permabanned, I don't think his idiocy reaches that far, but he should definitely lose membership. If he really doesn't like this community, I don't see why he should have membership, he can go be an annoying condescending asshole somewhere else. +1 for removing membership, -1 for permaban
  5. uhhh what's your least favorite meal?
  6. Precious


    Yeah no having a movie as big as Endgame spoiled for you sucks a lot, I should know, someone spoiled it for me. I'd say it's justified. -1
  7. i disagree with you therefore you are cancelled

  8. Precious

    Favorite/Best Game

    It's tough to choose a single favorite game, there are quite a few that I would consider my favorites. If I had to choose though, I'd probably have to say Bayonetta, Skyrim, and Dark Souls 3 are some of my favorite games of all time. As for the best game I've ever played, without a doubt it's Bloodborne. I love that game so much, it's inspired me a lot and made me realize the artistry within video games. Kingdom Hearts 3 is probably a close second.
  9. kek what a child, it's clear you've learned nothing from your past. I want to say I'm disappointed or surprised, but I'm not. I should be used to it with how many times you've done this. and you wonder why people treat you the way they do. I give it like a month tops before you try to come back and act like you've changed, just like you always do. See you then.
  10. I did not step down because of my requirements. I stepped down because xG's TF2 servers were getting too boring and bland for me, and because I was sick of the drama. Kypari, Nutty, and Semper all stepped down for their own personal reasons, and while I'm not going to talk for them and act like I know every reason why they stepped down, I'm fairly certain they didn't step down because of hour requirements. I will admit getting in 14 hours a week could be daunting for me at times, but not because it's a lot of time to spend on TF2. It's because I got so bored of TF2 and fed up with xG drama that I began to loathe coming on. The game never changes, the servers never change, and the drama, while it would die down for a while, would always come back eventually. That's why I quit. The servers are getting stale for multiple reasons. And while I COULD go on a rant about everything that I think is causing the servers to become stale, I'm going to save your time by assuring you that the time requirements for staff are not one of those causes. It is far from the being one of the biggest problems on xG (which I'm not going to get into because this isn't the time or the place), and I dare say it is not a problem at all. I'm not trying to be rude, but in the future, speak for yourself, and only for yourself. While I appreciate you trying to stick up for staff, you shouldn't try to speak on behalf of a group that you are not a part of, especially if they have not asked you to.