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  1. Don't perm people if they say noob please
  2. that's adorable. telling me to not hang out with people i enjoy. I rather be manipulated by him then by you, you stuck up selfish ass-wipe. I did some more digging and a lot of what you said was totally biased. <redacted> had nothing to do with this info. ALSO, <redacted> did little to nothing in any of these circumstances. <redacted> did more manipulating. Stop being narcissistic, stop lying about your real life, stop being the biggest loser i have ever seen yet deny it at every turn. Im glad <redacted for op's security> so i dont have to deal with delusional people like you. <redacted> is an asshole, but compared to you hes a decent person
  3. Caribou


    +1 Could always do the job on TF2 doubt he wont on CS goodluck tast
  4. -1 I haven't seen you on the servers unless you just play Surf which is probably the case, other than that last year when you came to stepping down you just started acting like a dick and that "you want to be spiteful" I have nothing personal against you, but I do not see a reason to give you staff other than the amount we currently have, you're sensitive enough to be bullied off the entire game, I haven't seen change as you are barely on and Surf's trash nigga
  5. I feel you man ?
  6. A staff member hacks and is still eligible for staff? Rather instantly gets it back? Yet another person who gets banned and unbanned, goes for staff, doesn't get it because it is deemed too early, 2 months and 2 days Okay @Aegean
  7. -1 No benefit whatsoever to have you in the clan other than adding more furries
  8. Is "I was told to do this" a trend now?
  9. Caribou


    My opinion is obvious, but I'll say this without bias because Red's family Before, Red was different and didn't care for the servers and just wanted to have fun without regarding other people, and can get carried away with that, but ever since his ban he's changed for the better, I haven't been as active as I were but I am working on that and whenever I am on I see Red on the servers as well, other than activity and a change in self control he knows the rules well enough to enforce them correctly, and I know too and I trust him, he was never one-sided on any argument occurring that is related to situations on the server, after seeing how he reacted to Sorcerer and how he is now I respect him for that, and after I got wind of that situation it was clear to me that he's applicable for staff. +1 for probationary to assure any other second thoughts