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  1. Caribou


    Too many words also sand
  2. shut the fuck up

  3. cringe ass nae nae baby

  4. Omgomgomgomg robots omg bots omg i have an opinion i am different i am not like u npcs omg i hate this community omg brainwashed omg how did i get here but i lowkey have nothing else in my life omg i am so smart and woke omgomgomgomg +1 bruh
  5. Don't perm people if they say noob please
  6. that's adorable. telling me to not hang out with people i enjoy. I rather be manipulated by him then by you, you stuck up selfish ass-wipe. I did some more digging and a lot of what you said was totally biased. <redacted> had nothing to do with this info. ALSO, <redacted> did little to nothing in any of these circumstances. <redacted> did more manipulating. Stop being narcissistic, stop lying about your real life, stop being the biggest loser i have ever seen yet deny it at every turn. Im glad <redacted for op's security> so i dont have to deal with delusional people like you. <redacted> is an asshole, but compared to you hes a decent person
  7. Caribou


    +1 Could always do the job on TF2 doubt he wont on CS goodluck tast