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  1. Toast the reason why I vouched +1 is because he’s becoming a member, almost everyone always gets member, now Staff, even if it’s only to DM’s/DL’s I will not speak if I don’t know them 

    1. Red


      You realize this guy is toxic at certain times when you kill him and he uses racial slurs, he is generally immature and shouldn't get member until he changes his behavior and we can all see that on the servers. 

      I can't understand what you are even saying but we aren't even giving people staff just people who we think might actually deserve staff or at least a chance and for member it's easy to get member if you are either not known or good but for "dingbat" he's known for his bad behavior but you vouching shouldn't be valid cause you don't even know the player so why would you +1 someone do you don't even know it's ridiculous just don't vouch until you interact with the player.. 

      p.s Lay off the weed man. 

    2. Tatost


      I myself have had zero interaction with the aforementioned player, but I can trust Red on his observations. You most definitely do not need to +1 when you have had insufficient interactions with someone who is applying for member. Aegean did say that this was not supposed to be a club where only the cool guys can get in, but he did not in any way, shape, or form, mean that you can +1 someone (who you know nothing about) when they have a valid -1.