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    okay literally fucking admits that it wasn't acc mfk lol?
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    I'm pretty sure I have another demo of your free killing. You're not a first-time offender and you knew what you were doing the entire time, -1. Just wait your week.
  3. You came back around the same time as me wtf
  4. +1 knows the rules and is generally pretty cool on the servers A: 8 M: 7
  5. @Lithium might be able to say something about this version being fucked on the server. I'm not aware of any tests on this map, but I haven't been here too long.
  6. Even only working 2-3 hours a week this is like, half of the minimum wage in the U.S.
  7. Nuen (Bluez) did quite literally the exact same thing and it worked out pretty nicely for him. I don't see any problem with you going under another name, just be a bit more openminded when it comes to posting.
  8. +1 I see you on a shit ton and you're pretty chill A: 8 M: 7
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    Dear god that event was a mistake and half Edit: I mean the event, 6s > HL
  10. keep all body parts within the resort at all times
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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Tatost Identity STEAM_1:1:54599372 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers Since Oct/Nov 2018 Information I've been playing on the CS servers a lot more often and thought I'd give moderating this division a shot. I've been a moderator for the TF2 division twice and thought I did a pretty decent job apart from a few specific scenarios. I've been reading up on some of the more in-depth rules for CS recently so I can say I'm pretty confident with discerning what's okay and what's not here. I wasn't extremely sure about my behavior in the community up until I got Discord mod, so hopefully, that shows that I'm at least somewhat competent. -Side note: activity for the first few weeks may be a bit rocky due to some potential health issues with my grandparents that I wouldn't really like to delve too much into for personal reasons. Just a heads up. Just going to tag a few people that might be able to give some general input- @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] my brain is dead right now so sorry if I forgot your tag don't be mean : ( I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  12. congralatons no nw jobb @johnGait42
  13. +1 has literally the worst internet known to man but has told me multiple times that he would apply for member when he was old enough.
  14. my wife left me and she took the kids
  15. Tatost

    Hello xG

    your language terrifies me : (
  16. is that a deep dish or did you just stack multiple pieces on top of each other?
  17. Lava Giant, Clocktown, Frantic Factory, and Aquatic Ruin are fun for me when I come on. idk if there are two different clocktown versions on TGH though, I've been hearing shit about an updated version of sorts.
  18. seg is fucking psychic we're done for guys oh shit oh fuck