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  1. this thread is pinned lol
  2. Thing is, you don't need a "host" unless you're doing some sort of giveaway for credits/items. They don't really have an impact on the game that normal staff members (mods, admins) would have. Just have regular events so, if someone wanted to join in, they could plan around it. I think it would be nice to have some sort of regular population to kind of get people back into the mood for playing JB/MG. I'm also asking for a CS:GO role other than 10manner : (
  3. Neutral. I have seen a general improvement in your attitude, however I don't think you're there just yet. You've been doing a relatively good job at keeping your cool when people are making jokes aside from a few instances where you got overly hostile. Keep on improving and I'll change my vouch to a +1 A: 7-8 M: 5
  4. I know this is my own thread, but I thought I might as well say this- When you have population events/days, don't base the event off of the "host's" schedule. Make the events start at times where we can get the most population. In other words, don't start the events in the middle of the day when people are either at work/in school (depending on the time of year). Think about where the majority of our player base is (U.S./Canada), then think "what is the best time to bring in players?" Also, I know we already have quite a few @able roles in the Discord, but you should think of adding some server specific/division specific roles for people to sign up for. That way we can eliminate the whole "no one is on the server, so I guess I'll just go AFK and hope that more people will join until we have an actual population" snooze fest. @virr I believe I already hinted at the fact that we should be advertising our server in the OP, but the higher-ups should maybe think of ways that we can spread the word about the community. I know there are websites for Minecraft servers where it ranks communities/servers and does a pretty good job of getting our name out there. Maybe there's something similar to that, but for GMOD/CS:GO/TF2?
  5. You confused me for a second there, but yeah, jailbreak should probably take the weekend slot over surf because more people = more fun on jailbreak. Most people have work Monday-Friday, so it would be hard to plan around that.
  6. Tatost


    @virr close
  7. I didn't really ask anyone to see if this thread would be necessary, but at this point I think I speak for everyone when I say the servers are more or less deserted. This is mainly just a way to get the process going so we can repopulate the Jailbreak and Minigames servers we all had some good times on. If you have any suggestions for ways to bring in new players and bait previous players to coming back and staying, leave them here. Currently, in the TF2 division at least, they hold regular populate events (the specifics of which I never really bothered to remember because I really don't enjoy that game anymore, but that's beside the point). The only problem I can see with these populate events is that they don't really last because the servers never retain their population for an extended period of time. That isn't to say they aren't effective to at least some degree, but I highly doubt it's the only thing we can do to bring people to our servers. Do we go with a more "aggressive" advertisement strategy? Do we just keep to ourselves and hope that when we do our populate events that our large player count will attract more members? Both? Whatever your suggestion is, it would most likely be appreciated by the higher-ups and anyone trying to get the servers up and running again. Note: this isn't just for the CS division, if you have any suggestions for TF2 or something that could apply to both, anything would be appreciated. : )
  8. he's got you there
  9. shut up, scottni. fuckin' gaybo
  10. Scottni is actually an idiot sandwich, right @onlyalittlegay?
  11. My excuse for this mistake is that I was typing after working in 80-90 degrees (F) for three hours. I swear I'm not a retard : (
  12. the fact that you've been warned that many times (many of them for racist/bigoted comments and the like) means you should have been banned a long fucking time ago, but no one ever checks history before punishing
  13. I think you have more warnings than anyone I've ever seen on the discord, not a chance you'd get unbanned lol tbh I'm surprised you weren't banned already
  14. I wouldn't enforce anything that's too lengthy or strict, because we can't forget that moderating our servers isn't a job, it's volunteer work. They don't get paid to spend their time on the servers dealing with jackasses, it really wouldn't be fair to them if we try to enforce lengthy hours on top of their everyday regime. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be a time "requirement", but just try to keep in mind that the staff do what they do because their nice enough to devote some of their free time to helping out the community. Whatever you guys think is suitable will probably be fine, but don't think people don't want to do real life things too.
  15. @Jacklyn you were right all along
  16. that was probably over two years ago, holy shit
  17. this was so long ago, why do you still have these pictures lmfao
  18. To be completely honest, the outlawing of soundboards/voice changers was always a bit of an odd rule. As long as they aren't playing ear rape and make it impossible for other people to even have a conversation over mic, I don't see a problem with it.
  19. Think about all the r8s I could get for Bumpy with that
  20. @WubbaLubbaDubDu I swear my voice is deeper now, just ask @realBelloWaldi