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  1. Dude, same! If you said no, I probably would have had to suck your dick.
  2. can someone remind me to buy milk at the store?

  3. Tatost


    @Aegean @Duke @Rabid @otheroldfags wb
  4. You need 50 forum posts minimum before applying for staff. @Bonk @Jadow @Lithium @virr
  5. +1 made danny mad because he ate chips over mic in 10man A: 8 M: 7
  6. reason 189 to not bring back edventures
  7. he was probably drunk tbh
  8. if I can get staff and still be toxic polar can still be a dirty fucking troll cool guy, knows the rules, and is pretty active +1
  9. I bet your favorite movie is the Mario Power Tennis intro.

    1. Shadower


      yo what the heck dud too soon

    2. loftydrum


      bro wtf. traumatizing stuff right there you jerk. you don't know what it's like. 


  10. Tatost


    +1 told me to follow him down the ladder and I fucking goomba stomped him and he didn't report me for RDM : ) cool guy and knows how to handle servers helo tekage
  11. Tatost


    for anyone who wants to come
  12. Tatost


    I'm open to giving him another chance to play, but I also really want him to do one of the funny unban challenges. Exhibit A: @TAoWHunter
  13. You've been promoted to second best TF2 DL behind bello baby ofc
  14. pyro was behind the notre dame fire
  15. Tatost


    what is the TF2 division anyway?
  16. I refuse to believe that this is not Egossi.
  17. KOS Danny

    1. Dannypicacho


      kos mattost : )

  18. -1 he called a false KOS on me : ( we need to #stop dannypicacho god i fucking hate @Dannypicacho
  19. Tatost


    After two days you will be accepted/denied membership. The entire idea of a membership application is to get more positive vouches than negative (although neutral will still result in you getting member).