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  1. Ever thought of being part of the Teen Titans??

  2. +1 Pretty chill dude, I'm mostly a surf and tgh dude, and most of the time when I'm on tgh, he is there. Good Luck
  3. Add a map like or dislike system, that way if people don’t like the map it will say  Did you like this map? Yes, keep it. Im neutral. No,remove it.  With this the higher ups can see from feedback on the forums and the server itself if people like it because we have maps that people hate so much that they just leave and I’ve seen the player count drop from 12 to 5.
  4. I heard that if you smack  Dwayne Johnson’s ass you’ll hit rock bottom 

    1. Dannypicacho


      I like just saw this on Reddit in the "comedy cemetery" subreddit 

    2. Caleb956


      Ahh it all makes sense now @Dannypicacho

    3. Tatost


      I am sorry to inform anyone that has read this post that they are now one degree more retarded than they were before coming along.

  5. I actually asked this 2 years ago, but since we never put the credit system into xG can you change my name to TAoW Hunter?

    1. Caleb956


      (Sorry for replying to messages you're sending virr BUT) We do actually have a hub shop! https://xenogamers.com/hub/

      Right at the top it shows a change username you can purchase, I sent you the credits to cover the cost of the name change, enjoy!

    2. TAoWHunter


      ohh thanks, I saw an old link, that's why I thought it wasn't implemented

  6. Do mods get SB accounts?

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    2. TAoWHunter
    3. virr


      Theres no reason to log into SB unless you're a dm+, just like caleb said 🙂

    4. TAoWHunter


      Alright I just like it because it easier because you can edit ban unban comm ban etc etc 


    1. ABlueSkittle123


      This is true, now go be an epic moderator. 😄

  8. I'm actually ALERGIC TO SAND!



    1. Caleb956


      It's ok, sand forgives you.

    2. TAoWHunter


      Thank you leader 

  9. Losing It.

    1. Roy


      Sorry, I lost it, what are you losing it again?

    2. TAoWHunter
  10. On the poll, I was going to put a little story, but stopped at the start and forgot to delete it.

  11. So right now I’m in sch
  12. You will be missed!!!!!!!!
  13. Thank you for replying to my Staff Application ❤️