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  1. Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name TAoW Hunter Identity https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198377423633 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 20d Information I wanna have fun again also I have nothing else better to do lol haha I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  2. anyone ever used a spork before?

  3. ~closed Me and cookie_ talked and there was a misunderstanding between the rude comments.
  4. Division Team Fortress 2 Offenders In-Game Name cookie_ Offender's Identity STEAM_1:1:179284651 Ban Type Communications Ban Explanation and Evidence Players SteamID:STEAM_1:1:179284651 Players ign/nickname: cookie_ My name: [xG:M] TAoW Hunter _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So recently cookie_ has come back to the xG servers, and we had a rough ending about a year ago which made him unfriend me because I was a little annoying towards him. When he came back I got onto the server and saw cookie, and there's two cookies. Cookie- will be the innocent, and cookie_ is the person im reporting. Basically I killed cookie_ and he said in the chat, "I will tryhard on you hunter, don't test me." So I killed him again, then he called me a pussy.(which I know is not BIG, but he doesn't stop.) Then after a little while I leave and that's it for the first day, the next day which is today I get onto surf, and the first thing cookie says is, "ohh no its the hypocritical faggot taow, removing my chat now." And I ignore it. Then he kills me in spawn, so I warn him and he ignores it, then I go spy and domm him, and every single time I killed him, he would say im "fucking bad" or a "pussy". cookie_ has not dommed me once from coming back but according to General Beast Kiro/Metal Bandit. Hes been telling everyone that he killed me multiple times and I got mad at him and threatened to ban him, when I actually never told him, "you're too good for me im going to ban you now." What I actually said, was if he doesn't stop with the Staff Disrespect, which I got a little tip from Owl, I would gag him for 30 minutes, I said this to cookie. I tell cookie_ on his profile that he needs to chill out and stop thinking he's everything because hes being toxic and it's not right. He then comments on my profile telling lies saying he killed me multiple times so I started to rage. He then goes on to say why are you dragging this on when it's already over,(though he starts random crap with me over 2 year old shit) He then SPAMS my profile which not only showed toxicity, but immaturity. He's not needed in this community as he actually states he doesn't care about it and that he would just try his best to get me pbanned. All I want is a removal of his permission to chat, and talk on mic. He's shown me in the last two days that he cant handle having a mic or using his keyboard to be friendly, and not be toxic 24/7. As an added bonus, he goes off on another user for no absolute reason, which ive shown in the 5 screenshots below.
  5. Started playing when I was in 6th grade. Now/Almost in HS.

    1. -Diphikult


      Wait wtf I thought you were a freshman

  6. I'm going to -1. I said the same to red except you didn't spam it multiple times. I think you should wait a couple more weeks. Because you know 21 movies led up to that movie and you spoiled it.
  7. TAoWHunter


    -1 I actually talk to virr about this because at first I thought it was just you doing it once, and he told me you did it multiple times when he told you to stop. End Game doesn't seem really big, but its actually really big 21 movies just for this 3 hour movie. Your behavior on the servers with your attitude will also set into this ban, so I think that if you want to get unbanned, do what I did, an Unban Challenge. Or you can just wait 3 months like i did . Anyways Good Luck on your Ban Protest!!!!
  8. Its, "Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll????

  9. +1 Very cool girl, follows the rules and is F.U.N F is for friends who do things together, U is for U and meeeeeee. N is for Nyone anytime at all, down here in the deep blue seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. A:10 M:9-Cause you did something to me...
  10. I know, for some reason they hid OLDrim, so I used a link someone provided to me, and it leads to the game on steam.
  11. So my first name was Formedsteak7 which I got from my XBOX Random Name thingie, then I Got my 2nd name which was Lil' Hunter, then I met a good friend who was in a clan named TAoW, so for awhile my name was TAoW Hunter, and a couple weeks ago, vac came back onto the server and someone said, who's vindacator, so I took that name and me new name is TAoW Vindicator.
  12. Cool guy, saw him on surf a couple times, cool, and didn't break any rules. A:6-7 M:8 +1 Good Luck dude
  13. I heard that if you say X in Chat, Seg will pop up in your house on July 6th a Perm you!