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  1. I dislocated my patella less than 48 hours ago and can just about walk without my crutches. I have to go to physical therapy to strengthen my quads so they can hold the patella in place, though.

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    2. Topaz


      Been there, done that so I know how you feel man. I also sprained most of the muscles around my knee when it happened because I had to pop my kneecap back into place myself.

      PT sucks ass, but hopefully yours will get better than mine. Over a year later and it still causes issues for me. My only saving grace was I did it at work so I had worker's comp to pay for all of it.


      Hang in there. 

    3. hongkongatron


      when you’re tatost


    4. Tatost


      It happened in a pool with all of my friends, so we were all just sitting there for 20 minutes for someone to get there. I didn't fracture anything as far as I know, so hopefully my knee heals up nicely. Probably not ever going to run as fast as I could before, but I've long since stopped doing Track.