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  1. Topaz


    Seems like a pretty chill dude. Respectful if anything from my (albeit short) experience with him. +1 M: 7 A: 5 (honestly have hardly seen him but that could just be coincidence)
  2. Topaz

    Minecraft Server

    Never really played xG minecraft, but I have no issue firing up my old account and hopping on to give it a go. Plus @Arthman running it is definitely a +1 from me.
  3. Topaz


    Okay, so besides the fact that this is some of the worst formatting I have ever seen, your story is false. I was watching you as you went into armory, and just sat there looking at where a T would come from. You have been CT banned multiple times, and never seem to learn your lesson. Also, as far as telling you good luck, I meant it, since you have no case whatsoever.
  4. Topaz

    Goodbye, for good.

    Total waste, but hey it is up to you. Like what @Genocide said, don't cheat. Have a good one.
  5. Topaz

    Bhop god here

    I am pretty sure @SegFault could give you some lessons. Might cost a knife skin or two though.
  6. Topaz

    Worked on myself alot

    This. All of this. Honestly while it was an annoyance there have been people banned for much worse and have returned. Just make sure that if you plan on sticking around, do not get upset if it takes people a little while to get over your outburst. Personally I do not mind you coming back, especially if you really are trying to better yourself. All I ask is that you please learn from the mistakes you made and try not to repeat them. Anyway, hopefully you can enjoy yourself on the servers and forum again. Welcome back!
  7. Topaz


    Afraid you need at least 12 hours on our servers before you can apply. Edit: just checked and you are actually pretty close, at 9 hours. Not sure if this will stay up though. @Lithium
  8. Topaz

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    STEAM_0:1:39959309 Yippee. Congrats to @RealChance you are a pretty swell dude.
  9. Topaz

    Be back November

    See you around, and come back soon. o/
  10. Topaz

    Ban the toxic

    Kn1ght, buddy. Fighting toxicity with toxicity is not the way. Record it and give it to staff. If it is happening to a point of frustration then that is really the only option. If it is severe enough to warrant it, than go make a post in ban request. Yikes. Look, as someone who played xG JB back in 2011 (when I was a wee squeaker myself), I can tell you that while the memes change, the squeakers stay the same. It is going to be a constant, and they are also a considerable size of the server population, so unless you prefer empty servers to some squeakers then you will need to get over it. Severe toxicity and harassing players is something punishable, but having a younger voice is not. Just have to tolerate it.
  11. Topaz


    Holy hell yes. Get this man back in xG! +1
  12. Topaz


    You should commemorate the time that @SegFault decided to run through a smoke directly at me while holding out the bomb like a damn suicide bomber.
  13. Topaz

    Casual Boost

    The only real issue I have noticed with this, is if a CT participates in a map game that has a tele at the end, the CT and T that teleport will be stuck because of collisions. Nothing too crazy considering most CTs that participate in that sort of stuff are basically submitting themselves to death anyway. It mostly becomes an issue when multiple Ts tele with one CT, the knife will not actually hit the CT because they are also stuck in a teammate. At that point the only fix is for the CT to slay or staff to start using teleport commands.
  14. Topaz

    Knowing but not Seeing what Happens

    If a cell vent is broken at the beginning of the round, obviously a T knifed the vent so you are free to pursue. That being said, you need to see them actively breaking it in order to kill them if they are not already in the vent. Even if there is only one of them. In agreement that you should be watching them. I assume you are talking about a map like moonjail where someone can get to the finish tele exit via the normal exit. In that case, if you did not see them and are skeptical, I would make them start over again. Then just make sure you are watching the exit this time. A good rule of thumb for a lot of cases, if you or another guard did not see it happen, do not shoot. If you do, you are taking a gamble that you will be freekilling.