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  1. +1 Doesn't break rules (often) and is fairly friendly to other players.
  2. Roy

    Congrats, in this text I will sent you the process of the “mushroom” but before that, tell me what type of mushroom you want me to draw/color, ex. Red with white dots.

    1. Topaz


      brown with a white stem

    2. Roy


      Before I finish the first phase, do you want it color pencil or color maker? And here is the first phase, tell me, if there is any improvements that you want me to do.


    3. Topaz


      pencil, lookin' good chief

  3. I mean, the show this is from is Superjail. Aired on adult swim I believe in mid 2000s? Don't honestly remember too much about it besides that I was far too young to be watching it at the time. Draw a mushroom.
  4. Topaz

    i made pizza11!1!!1!1

    @Chrono as our resident culinary expert please rate this man's dish.
  5. @Icaybaby @lilbleed Probably best to move this sort of discussion to a private setting. Not really the place for this sort of stuff.
  6. Pretty accurate. I would also like to add that if you are feeling harassed or are otherwise in a bad spot then please do speak up and send someone who can help a message. Us staff are here to deal with that, among other things, and if one of us is not listening/taking it seriously, chances are another will. Of course, I do want to add that when people dogpile onto someone, like in the case with @Lottamos/Goldfish, it can definitely appear like harassment. But it is also important to read into the content of these cases. A lot of time there is genuine criticism, and that should not be ignored. That being said I will not deny that some people take it too far and bully/harass him. I am not defending his behavior, but holy shit, that is hypocritical as hell considering that level of toxicity is pretty much why he was banned in the first place. To close, just treat people like people. You don't need to kiss anyone's ass, but just act respectfully you bunch of degenerates.
  7. To be fair, that is like half of what everyone uses admin chat for these days. +1 Cool dude, active and friendly. Follows rules and respects staff, would be a good addition to the community.
  8. I think this is the best solution so that we don't have situations of people with slower computers getting booted out of games because the other 10 people connected before them Pretty much this, it works well most of the time. As far as the same goldfish person getting fatmanned out, I do think that people need to chill with that shit. I mean, some people can be annoying to play with, but when they are one of the first people to join and don't get to play a single 10man, that is just toxic.
  9. Before anything else, I just want to say, except for very extreme and damning exceptions, revoking membership is never (nor should be) the first avenue of punishment that you pursue. If that was not obvious enough, I do not think that @Roy/Mr. Gladiator should have his member revoked. Yet. Do not misunderstand me, that stupid excuse for an edgy meme thread was ridiculous and he should receive some sort of punishment. I honestly think that this thread would be better as a ban request, as that is a much better way of punishing him without completely alienating him from the community. As far as his behavior on the server, he has always been a memer/edgelord, and has issues keeping his inside voice, but for a while he was improving. It just seems like he has either fully embraced being hated, or thinks that we are not serious about punishing him. Also, @Roy, this is getting out of hand and I highly suggest you take a step back and breath before you do anything stupid/toxic again. Seriously, you were actually not that bad on the forums until recently. Reverse course immediately. Pretty much: -1 for membership removal, +1 for a ban.
  10. @onlyalittlegay you left out the best part
  11. Grats @Arthman, glad to have another #oldfag on the cs staff team! Congratulations to everyone else who was promoted as well!
  12. Topaz


    +1. As far as him also being dl of minecraft and mod for cs, why not? He already splits his time between MC and hanging out on JB so I don't see it causing problems. Was good staff back in the day and knows the rules as well as how to enforce them.
  13. +1, from my interactions with him he is friendly/not toxic. Hardly breaks rules and is cooperative with staff when he does.