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  1. Topaz

    how do I credits?

    From what I can tell, making substantive posts and (I think) getting positive reactions from the community. This would be a better question for @Aegean, @Rhododendron, @virr, and @LeToucan.
  2. Topaz

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

    Pretty damn interesting. Regardless of other aspects of 2018, it has been a great year for music. Honestly Beartooth should be much higher on there considering how much I have fallen in love with their new album. But given how I pretty much exclusively listen to just one playlist that I keep adding stuff to (sitting at over 500 songs now), it makes sense. Let's hope that 2019 can pull its weight when it comes to music.
  3. Topaz

    The future of xG

  4. Topaz


    Going to have to remain neutral on this (kinda, see below). I honestly think Scott is definitely is better than average when it comes to players, and I think he has a lot of potential. The only thing keeping me from +1ing at this moment, is that he can lose is cool/can be baited into arguments. As for why that is an issue, it just does not look great for staff to be arguing with people on the servers/forums. Pretty much this. I can be on board with probationary mod, and if that is the case I will definitely +1.
  5. Topaz


    Well, a week is standard ban length for something like this (accidental mass). Although I would like to hear what happened from @Brady1780, just to get a clear picture of what exactly transpired before anything else.
  6. Topaz

    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    +1 willing and creative warden, chill dude, doesn't argue with staff, and is a good player overall.
  7. Topaz

    PolarCoded - Counter-Strike

    +1 Chill dude, good player, hardly have any problems with him. my bhops are better though
  8. Topaz

    Longjump - Coolduck - Counter-Strike

    +1 Banned him/his alt yesterday for a day for racism and general toxicity. Though I think a longer ban is in order, as he has consistently broken rules, argued/disrespected both staff and members, and otherwise just acts like a petulant child. Many other staff can attest to this, as he has been banned several times before. He seems to carry this sentiment even whens staff are online, if that says anything. The only improvement I have seen is that he does not try to randomly do flick freeshots/freekills anymore, but I did not get to see him play CT yesterday, so even that is up in the air. Since they have banned him/interacted with him recently, @Bonk and @Brady1780 would be good staff to comment on his behavior.
  9. Topaz


    For anyone confused, it is a week ban:
  10. Topaz


    Just to clarify something, the ban is actually a week. I wish you would have continued to read what I sent you, it is just because of something that @Arthman said that confused me. He can explain the situation if he'd like to clear up any confusion. Anyway, I clarified it on steam before this went up, so I guess you logged off before you read it. At any rate, if you still want to continue your protest knowing this, it is a -1 from me. What you did definitely warranted a week ban. You had the means to make it stop (you can disable pvp in your town), instead you just completely lost your cool.
  11. Topaz

    Lemons - Minecraft

    +1 swell dude, plus being an #oldfag definitely helps.
  12. Topaz

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    Also, I want to remind people to make something clear. The servers are not the place to discuss or argue about this. If you want to discuss this among yourselves, that is what PMs are for. Anything you don't want to post here about it can be done there. There is no need to bring this into the servers, and especially not when goldfish is online (again, if you want to discuss this with him, that is fine, just use PMs). This is a serious topic, not a tool to use to poke and prod at the player in question. I am going to retain my earlier opinion of a +1 to a month ban, and recommend it more strongly, as having played with him more tonight he definitely does not seem to care about the community or servers at all. While most of what he says is to get a rise out of people, his shit-disturbing nature has definitely intensified beyond normal goldfish levels. He (and the community) could definitely benefit from him getting a month.
  13. Topaz

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    Holy hell this escalated. I guess I was left out of the loop, but just from his little spat on discord I witnessed I honestly can not really argue against a ban of any kind. As well, it very much seems that since he decided to be apart of another clan, he simply does not care about the rules anymore. Personally I have no issue with him joining another clan, but I get the sense that because of that, he views our community as just a place to dick around now. He has shown short-sighted behavior in the past, and while I think some of it was from people making fun of him, I think the vast majority was self inflicted. So, in saying that, I am not sure if a perm ban is in order. I would absolutely be in favor of a month long ban, and see if he even bothers coming back after that. tl;dr +1 for month long ban on Goldfish.
  14. Topaz

    Fitness help

    For something like this, stretches would probably be what you need. I am no doctor, but I know that stretching can help with stuff like this. Just google stretching techniques that work on lower abdomen/core. As far whole body workouts, I personally highly recommend swimming. It works out pretty much your entire body at the same time, is great exercise, and if you don't like sweating (like me) you are in a pool so it does not matter. I am aware it is starting to get colder out, so I suggest finding an aquatic center/indoor pool that you can swim laps in. You have no idea how many calories you burn swimming laps, and you really do feel healthy after every workout.