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  1. i cant post the second demo. I have been here for 30 mins. wtf
  2. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: MickeyMeme Offender's Steam ID: Steam Community :: MickeyMeme Rules Broken: freekill/possible walling Ban Type: Team Ban Evidence: Sorry about the long demo but this kid got really salty and started freekilling. I did not get some more on footage but he broke vents and freekilled during LR.(lagged out so I didn't get the demo) demo called lololol is one of his freekilling us inside cells. Again.dem is when he broke several vents and killed me during LR. their will be a second post with the second demo agian.dem
  3. Active and usually playing, nice and mature, unlike me! +1 P.S. if this does not get accepted, try putting more effort into your app.
  4. thanks, i was struggling uploading this xD
  5. [MEDIA=vimeo]169626921[/MEDIA] sorry i always have a problem uploading
  6. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: fury Offender's Steam ID: Steam Community :: fury Rules Broken: freekill Ban Type: Team Ban Evidence: salty little silver. SKIP to 6min with demoui. Still dont know how to edit that stuff :/ if anyone knows a youtube vid that clearly explain how to record demos and stuff, that would be great!
  7. I only come on here to defend ban request on me.
    1. Forest


      Should participate in the other shenanigans that happen here!
  8. Not proof-reading your ban protest means that you most likely don't care about it.
  9. Please check your grammar before you upload a ban request. Some people will favor you more. Bad grammar means that you spent less time posting the req. Less time means that you don't care. -1
  10. heres the demo! nice one nick! hacker.dem
  11. well since im dumb and posted this without my demo.. here it is
  12. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: Icy Offender's Steam ID: Steam Community :: Icy Rules Broken: Hacking-Wall hacks Ban Type: Server Ban Evidence: I was playing JB and I managed to catch a hacker.
  13. hey, thanks for sticking up for me on my ban protest!
    1. Forest


      No problem, I just like to see that all players are given the opportunity to improve or are given the appropriate punishment for breaking the rules. Not that our Staff isn't doing their job, it's more of just constructive criticism on my part.
    2. Forest


      Though now that you've been given a week off of CT, I'm really hoping that you've taken a look at our Server rules so that this won't easily happen again