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  1. Thanks for the pic bb

  2. Head to toe, Louis V and Rafs

    127, Yeah we ball like that

    1. realBelloWaldi


      feel like elvis presley lean just left the building

      the most recent lean album is actually really good, you just have to get used to it

  3. Oui Oui SnowyMignon

  4. Freaking Californian eating the pho everyday
    1. SnowyMinion


      I didn't eat pho yesterday tho
  5. Don't John Cena me ever again @[1:@Rhododendron] >:(
  6. Dr. Kawashima: Viktor is FAKE NEWS.
  7. 17:43 - Dr. Kawashima: snowy yo u speakj to me in the english if you speak in the chinese i will say you come from the chinese OK?
  8. Stop trolling me you fuck
  9. +1 bought borderlands: goty
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9QTSyLwd4w
  11. *Fights SnowyMinion (SHITPOSTER)*