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Found 17 results

  1. Most updates will be posted in this thread. Some backend changes or cvar changes will not be posted. Jailbreak Removed debug printing in class Reverted open command to be admins only Fixed bug where the open command would not show the admin who would use it Damaging players will no longer have potential to spam console Grenades now have velocity when dropped (I think) Funcommands now require the reserved flag Tasers are automatically removed to prevent crashes. I'll look more into this this weekend. Fixed bug where the guard leave queue would fail to remove players from CT Markers are now red and animated.
  2. So many of you have wanted a jb repopulation going and im happy to say it seems to have started off nicely with a steady fruition because of Jb staff @Jadow (and anyone else i didnt mention. And its exxciting to see alot of the older members excited to play again. I am actually happy to see it flourishing, it feels fresh and new thanks to new additions of !cs and the chaos each member brings to the server. Just Tips for the future, the Server needs to be able to attract new people and get them to stay so that the older people dont have to always be on to attract people. Best ways to get them to stay is Server needs actual wardens who are excited in taking the role and are interested in having a good day, so try not to be samey ie frlr (scum game) Be sure to explain rules to both Ts and Cts, i seen a few people last night playing ct not knowing what to do and ruining the round, as well as Ts getting Gatted right away for the slightest movements, Try not to be so blood thirsty and explain how someone broke the rules. Often a few cts blasted Ts who jumped when a restriction was never in place, be sure to call this out, Blood thirst is kind of a mood killer Mods Please Police who gets on Ct, anyone obviously new or a troll should be swapped before they end up ruining anything, As well as mods please be a little quicker in taking action, Clear violators of the rules were not punished right away or at all despite constant outcry of the server to do so with eyewitness accounts. Thats about all i can think of right now. Thanks All for boosting the server and having a good time on the server, Lets keep this up. @Jadow @Lithium @Bumpy @coolduck @PolarCoded @Dannypicacho @Bonk and everyone else i didnt tag cause ive got to go to work.
  3. Thought it would be good to get a jb night going. If you agree lets tally up what would.be the best day for it What days work best for a jb night WWW.STRAWPOLL.ME Vote Now! [MondaY] [ Tuesday] [Wendsday] [Thursday ] [Friday]...
  4. Hi. I bet no one here knows who I am anymore.
  5. So I came up with this little activity for people to hunt for credits by finding me and another guard that have a bounty I set during reverse hide n seek, the first time it was great people had fun and someone earned 1500 credits but this last time the kids (other cts) call out the location of the ones with the bounties which defeats the whole purpose of the treasure hunt. Could there be a "no snitching/pinging location" rule enforced when I decide to do "treasure hunts"?
  6. Old one got deleted or something, Lithium told me to make a new one. Thread for new music to add to last CT in jailbreak. Songs may not contain racial slurs. Meme songs are allowed (I believe) (links preferred over just writing the name down)
  7. I'm just curious even after the new update if people want to see more and if so, what do you want?
  8. What do you guys think is the worst jailbreak map that can be RTV'd in xG's jailbreak server for CS:GO? ?
  9. Original thread by thorgot himself: Counter-Strike Global Offensive Jail Server jb_arcade: feedback requested WWW.EDGE-GAMERS.COM https://i.imgur.com/C0Ukw2s.jpg More screenshots (click for big versions) 19661 19662 19663 I just had a playtest on a smaller server and there are some bugs i want to fix before I suggest this for the ego server. However, I wanted to get it out there so you can try it out and give me any initial feedback you might have. Here's the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnf7xstb7gminbb/jb_arcade_b1.zip?dl=1 Please let me know what you think! Read more Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnf7xstb7gminbb/jb_arcade_b1.zip?dl=1
  10. Hello everyone, it's me! Recently, someone had the idea of hosting a community night once a week where we would play a bit of jailbreak. I don't think it's a secret that the Jailbreak server is beyond dead at this point, but I am sure there are still some people who would be down to join. While the Jailbreak server has introduced me to XenoGamers back in 2013 and I personally really enjoy the gamemode, I'm not sure how many of you guys are familiar with it and would be willing to join. If we're going to have these kinds of community events for Team Fortress 2 as well, we'd need to find a good time where most of the people are available. This event is probably going to happen on Fridays or Saturdays. So please comment down below if you're interested. If you are interested, it would be very helpful to me to be told at what time you are available, which would help to determine when exactly this is going to happen. Love, Bello! Tags: @mrnutty12 @axtinpyrothe2nd @Egossi @Goblins @Elcark @Hibiki @Tatost @bagel @Thunder @Frusty @Kypari @Tekage Be sure to tag more people that would be interested!
  11. So I started off this thing just for fun and expirementing but it turned out pretty cool, Ive only made the base layout of the starting room so far. Inspired by vietnam/pirate/tropical theme. The 3 boats make up the "cells" and have an invisible wall not allowing you to jump off until a CT presses the "open cells" button which spawns planks from each boat to the dock. feedback if i should continue this project pls? -Dead Roses
  12. Predator Day is known as cancer day, No one realy likes this day beacause all you do is Spray down an AK with Infinate Ammo Till You Die.
  13. Over the past few days, it has come to my attention that many people want to make sure demomen see the light of legality on blue. Therefore @kbraszzz and I came to the decision to create a poll to see the community's opinion about this matter. If the poll passes with at least 60% of the votes, demomen will be unrestricted from blu. This thread will be open for 5 days. Feel free to discuss this matter in this thread. Keep in mind: This decision will not be final, if the vote actually passes we will probably unrestrict demomen for a trial period of a week or so and see how it goes. :) Will be unstickied on Apr 24th. ~ Bello tagging jailbreak regulars: @Egossi @Goblins @BelloWaldi @mrnutty12 @Fiery8022 @Black_Dynamite @Matsi @PyroBunny @FenrirTheWolf @mrnutty12 @Avenger @Forest @kbraszzz @lik202 @KSPlayer1337 @Ohstopyou @The_Unlit_Torch @Caleb956 @MurphytheMedic @Duke
  14. Is there any chance jb_casuarina can be removed from the map options until the bug that makes people's game crash is fixed? Reinstalling casuarina doesn't fix it, and multiple people have said it crashes their game. Thanks in advance.
  15. Playing JB this morning, I have realized that the JB server is getting worse with bugs and problems as time passes. As of right now: CT guns spawning in T cells (with CT's name on the gun, It's a issue with jb_lego_jail_v8) Some of these issues are minor, but they all add up. T's can't rebel because of their names showing when they kill a CT. And the fact that you can't even play a full game without a mapchange 5 rounds in. I'm glad that things are being added like !settings, but now it's time for serious bug fixing, otherwise more problems will probably pop up. @Bleed @Lithium @Snackbar EDIT: Some of the stuff I posted earlier was fixed. Removed from the list. Stuff that was addressed (Thx bbys): After 5 rounds, a mapchange occurs (not done by RTV)(Fixed). !call still doesnt work if no admins are on.(Might not be possible, RIP call BOT.) Shot4Shot is still broken. (should be fixed next map change) Tick rate is still 51.2 (Helps server load, maybe will change, who knows) When a T kills a CT, it no longer hides which T killed the CT.(Fixed by Bleed) Thanks @Bleed and @Lithium for fixing the problems quickly! :D
  16. is it me or we have a serious lack of Staff/mod/admin on jailbreak half the time? it's getting ridicule specially when blu do nothing but breaking rules, i got a few exemple of what happen to the red when no mod was on warden and blu freekilling and freehitting no mic on armory re-enter more than once doesn't give freeday when they mess up (like opening door without removing ff when cell wars) abusing melee warday and/or hide and seek when it freeday giving incell order when the rules say that they can't donator abusing their power never take warden opening cells door before warden give order (well this one happen even with mod on) and a lot more It's sad because all it does is giving motivation to the red at rebelling (even if that's point of red) and it's just not fun at all and it end up people gettting call salty for it.