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  1. +1 demote danny toxic and freekills, perma b4n for n3gat1v3 3n3rgy b1g m3m3 n0 0ne lik
  2. JuannabeGod


    +1 knows the rules, seems like a good addition to the team!
  3. +1 no less toxic then steven or danny why not ?
  4. stupid cu_nt is litrally the dumbest kid lost like 20k from gambling and has burger grease instead of sweat
  5. Congrats to everyone Rest easy @Digitalhax <3
  6. Congrats to everyone who was promoted <3 RIP @SavageLime
  7. Congrats @SuperMaddud and @SUNSHINE :D
  8. I can help out >:D minecraft is where my pc days started lets go n3rds
  9. JuannabeGod


    +1 Chill dude in general A:6 M:10