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  1. Contrary to popular belief I am still alive. My schedule has opened up a bit, it seems I may have time to play on the servers a bit more so hello everyone I am back! Hope to see you all on the servers soon, Bot
  2. Bot


    +1 Comeback fellow person that actually knew of my existence 3+ years ago (I think you did at least...) Good Luck Dr. Seuss Rap God, Bot
  3. Bot


    +1 Very respectful and mature member of xG. Knows what to do, and when to do it and values the server over his own reputation (well, from what I've seen) Definitely Deserved...Good Luck, Bot
  4. Bot


    Cool dude, i've seen him around for years yet i've been invisible to him... Anyway, that's unimportant, this app is a no-brainer +1. Best of luck, Bot
  5. Bot


    Unfortunately i'm going to have to leave a -1 for now. You have a been a moderator for a bit over a month, just give it some time and work on improving your profiency in handling situations that require staff interaction. Admin generally is earned not asked for as it seems to be mostly a recognition that someone has become a very reliable staff member and is respected in the community. Don't try to move up so fast my guy, as aforementioned you have had moderator for a very short time, you should already feel accomplished for achieving that position. If you continue to play as much as you say you have been doing, and you further your proficiency in decision making, and handling sticky situations then i'm sure you will be recognized and rewarded the position of administrator soon enough. Thank you for reading, Bot
  6. Because of school and work I unfortunately cannot get on as much as I like as I would fall behind if I spent the time on the servers, if I find time during weeks I will try to make appearances, and here and there on the weekends I will hop in to play for a bit. I'm just very sorry for my lack of activity these past few weeks. I hope you understand, and I look forward to the time I do get to spend on the servers, Thank You Your favorite humanoid, Bot
  7. Bot


    +1 Finally you worked up the energy to type xenogamers in your web browser and apply, that's worth a +1 a 8 m 687.5
  8. Bot


    I was the other staff member on during the bit where he was playing as warden on clouds. With the amount of rules that were bent and broken I feel like a 2 day team ban is very, very gracious. I will not go into much depth because I was not there when the actual ban was issued on Nexzoid, but I saw enough on Clouds before I had to disconnect. First of all, I would say at least once per round he was in knifing distance of the T's, luckily the T's were giving him a chance and often didn't rush him, but he was killed here and there. Yes there were warnings in voice chat to stay away from the T's and stop baiting by myself and by many of the other players on the server who were getting angry because of it, also I did issue a few slays against him when it got too bad, yet the baiting continued for as long as I was on. Also, he was very quick to shoot as warden. There were many instances were people had asked for repeats and they were killed before a repeat was issued, also here and there T's were killed a mere 1-2 seconds after commands were given. Even more than this sometimes he completely freekilled whether not hearing other wardens commands correctly or moving while shooting and hitting multiple T's. In the 30 minutes or so that I was on the server I remember being randomly freekilled by him 2 times at least and I know other people suffered similar fates. I was personally going to ban him earlier, but me and @MinerTeddy talked a bit more and we decided to be gracious and give him a few more chances. That is what brings us here, after I left I guess he slipped up some more and was banned. With every slip up and freekill that happened I believe 2 days is about the nicest thing that could of been done for him. This ban was well deserved and once again... Its only 2 days, read the rule book once or twice and watch some other players play warden.
  9. "You Warner, I No Warner" *Opens Cells* *Scrambles to type !days* "Pretanor Day!!" *Gets Killed By Armory Door*
  10. I've been thinking about putting in a request for an RL division for a long time and now that I have seen a bit of interest in the idea I feel like it would be a good addition for Xenogamers. First of all, Rocket League is quite a popular game and I know there are many people that would like to join and play with xG if we had influence on the game. Second, Rocket League has potential for being a community game because it has custom games and you can organize different events by playing with big groups or hosting large tournaments with many players. Third, this would be a good way for the various rocket league players that are already in xG and for people who would join through a rocket league division to play and push through the ranking system together. Finally, I feel like there are many players that would like to no life on a xG Rocket League division and would like to slowly move up through moderator and admin positions in order to facilitate and organize events and keep the community games running smoothly. Thank you for reading and considering, Bot
  11. Bot


    Discord Name: Threelo#8314 thanks ?
  12. Bot


    @Chrono Hey I commented ab it to Virr, I always mess up at least once. Also, I think we need to add more Bots like me instead of humans because humans are too flawed.
  13. Bot

    Discord Staff!

    As usual I messed up part of my forum post, under in game name instead of putting my CS name i should of put Threelo#8314. Sorry about that, I am a potato and a half.
  14. Bot


    Division Discord In-Game Name xG:M Bot/xG:M Egg Identity Threelo#8314 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 2 1/2 Years on CS Information I am practically in the xG discord for more hours in a day than I am not and because of this i know most everybody and know how to navigate the discord well. I also have been using discord in general for a thicc minute and have helped friends create their channels as well as hosting my own, I really like discords functionalities and believe I could help out in the areas of keep things nice and tidy on discord. Also, I really enjoy how the discord looks and functions now but there are things here and there that could be tweaked and I am willing to bounce ideas off other people and find ways to make the discord even better. Thanks for taking the time to read, Bot
  15. Bot


    +1 Many years ago Owl was one of the first people to point me around and help me out, though i was a rando on the server and he could of chosen to ignore me he didn't, also he was the higher up that +1'ed my original member application, and I used this mans name in trivia a few times thinking he was completely dead and gone and was hoping other people would remember him besides me. Surprisingly a lot of people do remember you and you have risen from the dead again, so the least we can do is give this man mod if not higher than that. Glad you're back Owl ? Seems like yesterday...