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  1. idiot caught cheating again! i know you're long gone from xenogamers, but be sure to unlink your alias-cleared steam account from a forum account that people know you by before you embarrass yourself again on the internet! get destroyed retard ?



    (\__/) (>’.’<) ~ ? (")_(")



    Minx SteamID is STEAM_0:0:224378380, 204 previous names. Other ids [U:1:448756760] 76561198409022488


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    2. Goblins


      Why are you even taking so much effort to keep track of this chick, man? Just let it go and stop being such a brain dead turd.

    3. virr


      How 2 close profile posts

    4. SegFault


      To clarify-

      A: This is not appropriate behavior, there is no need to hunt her down and be toxic. 

      B: "Kitty wasn't even banned for cheating here so idk what you mean by "again"  @Tatost She has in fact been caught hacking multiple times on our servers under various alts.

      edit: if anybody needs further clarification please message me on here, steam or discord (Seg Fault#7046)