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  1. idiot caught cheating again! i know you're long gone from xenogamers, but be sure to unlink your alias-cleared steam account from a forum account that people know you by before you embarrass yourself again on the internet! get destroyed retard ?



    (\__/) (>’.’<) ~ ? (")_(")



    Minx SteamID is STEAM_0:0:224378380, 204 previous names. Other ids [U:1:448756760] 76561198409022488


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    2. Goblins


      Why are you even taking so much effort to keep track of this chick, man? Just let it go and stop being such a brain dead turd.

    3. virr


      How 2 close profile posts

    4. SegFault


      To clarify-

      A: This is not appropriate behavior, there is no need to hunt her down and be toxic. 

      B: "Kitty wasn't even banned for cheating here so idk what you mean by "again"  @Tatost She has in fact been caught hacking multiple times on our servers under various alts.

      edit: if anybody needs further clarification please message me on here, steam or discord (Seg Fault#7046) 

  2. just like most other people think, pichu is stupidly powerful. pichu can lead combos very easily which can wipe out many fighters using deadly finishers like dair (meteor smash) and down b (thunder). plus, pichu is so small that a lot of fighters can't even up tilt/smash pichu at very close distances. in layman's terms, be careful when fighting pichu; he/she can take down one whole stock if you make the wrong move
  3. no worries, i can just laser it
  4. the cat is vibrating on me earlier the cat was dancing on me D2559D5E-FE83-4581-9A91-C1EAD03011AF.MOV
  5. good as new (mustache excluded)
  6. i’m sorry please don’t hurt me
  7. no worries, the fidget spinner will do it for me
  8. well it's really funny because regardless of the fact that it was purely unintentional i still hear it be enforced
  9. well obviously we wouldn’t want to hear it all of the time but don’t overexaggerate. not only that, micspam is usually individual. i’m sure that multiple people wouldn’t mean to do it with intention
  10. latency only takes place at the start of people talking. to somebody, they can say said person talked before the other, and to another person, they heard it as if they were both talking at the same time. not everyone on the internet is respectful
  11. this rule is absolutely and indubitably pathetic and retarded, especially when it occurs in a populous server (surf and tgh at this point). it disappoints me when everybody talks at once and many of staff go apepoop, and as time passes it gets crazier. it happens all of the time when a discussion is currently taking place. either everybody talking at once comes to the epiphany that they're all talking over each other and they all hesistate, which stops the talking, or the people will commence the talking, and in this case, it wreaks havoc. better to not have it as a server rule to give people more freedom while talking on the mic, which brings a more social and friendly atmosphere, and to further shun the staff from having such a hard time with the ongoing issue. it occurs almost every single day i come on surf, but i'm not sure about tgh regarding the issue. a rule where people are not allowed to talk over each other only makes things worse. let them talk, regardless of the amount of people talking. i don't want to hear "don't talk over people" every minute, which not only pisses people off, but it also delays most of the conversations that the server has, this delay being (x) admin giving a poop and talking in (y) tone that talking over people is not allowed. imagine going to a huge party. you hear everybody around you talk, the music is loud, and everybody is having a fun time. you're hearing all of this noise, and if people are going to complain about people talking over each other, then maybe you should go outside. some others can view this controversial topic as a "lack of respect" for talking over somebody about to say something, but in a video game, latency exists, and it can't be compensated for when people are talking. this "lack of respect" can be intentional and non-intentional, and i'm sure the most of you guys can tell whether it was on purpose or completely on accident. otherwise, the victim is just being sarcastic. i understand that servers have their own rules and it's equivalent to going to a night club or any other local area with a myriad of people, but i've never been to any other server that enforces that rule, and if i see any reason being because the server is more unique that way, i'm going to cry.