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  1. idiot caught cheating again! i know you're long gone from xenogamers, but be sure to unlink your alias-cleared steam account from a forum account that people know you by before you embarrass yourself again on the internet! get destroyed retard ?



    (\__/) (>’.’<) ~ ? (")_(")



    Minx SteamID is STEAM_0:0:224378380, 204 previous names. Other ids [U:1:448756760] 76561198409022488


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    2. Goblins


      Why are you even taking so much effort to keep track of this chick, man? Just let it go and stop being such a brain dead turd.

    3. virr


      How 2 close profile posts

    4. SegFault


      To clarify-

      A: This is not appropriate behavior, there is no need to hunt her down and be toxic. 

      B: "Kitty wasn't even banned for cheating here so idk what you mean by "again"  @Tatost She has in fact been caught hacking multiple times on our servers under various alts.

      edit: if anybody needs further clarification please message me on here, steam or discord (Seg Fault#7046) 

  2. Kitten


    As we have discussed the voice changers did not work and I uninstalled them and still talked after... so obviously that is not a problem.
  3. Kitten


    I've already had a chat with May... none of this is directed to anyone but May, because I feel as if I have hurt her the most. Here is the chat I am leaving here. 4:12 PM - Kitty: Hey May. No one asked me to do this but I feel as if its the least I can do since you were a big portion in the time we were friends. You were like a sister to me and I felt like dying this morning. I would rather give this to you than to Matt to give to you because I rarely talk to him. Plus it means more to say some words to you before you leave again. Goodbye May. I hope everything works out for you and Matt. I doubt this will happen but if you ever need someone to talk to if it is me or isn't me... feel free to add me again and we can have a talk. Chow! https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/scCatgirl ~ https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/loveglow 4:12 PM - Kitty: Check your trade offers. 4:14 PM - Myagic: ok. thank you for everything. I was really praying it wouldn't have to be this way. 4:14 PM - Kitty: As for me, would you like the things I got with the keys and metal? 4:15 PM - Myagic: it's fine they were intended as a gift anyways and I already said I'm not going to fight for em. 4:18 PM - Kitty: Well, if you ever need me, you know where to find me. I'm all for girl talk. Just remember, you were and still are a big portion of my heart... now is being ripped away from the main section. I'll always have you in my heart, May. Stay well! Also, could you tell Max I said chill down and stop cussing? Thanks, don't want to end this with his feelings being hurt on top of the stuff that is going down with him and his parents. I hope both of you work things out. As for me, I do have a dark past I rather not share with anyone but you. Unfortunately, I don't want to keep you waiting. Life is to short for so much sorrow. Farewell, May. It was fun. https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/scCatgirl ~ https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/loveglow 4:19 PM - Myagic: good bye we had a good run. 4:19 PM - Myagic is now Offline. 4:19 PM - Kitty: Indeed we did. Every last second I enjoyed. Farewell people, this community has given me great joys. Chow...
  4. Kitten

    Coffee or Tea?

    Awww, how could you be so mean to tea. uwu
  5. Kitten

    Coffee or Tea?

    Those are the best but I haven’t tried the black tea. May have to give it a try!
  6. Kitten

    Coffee or Tea?

    Honestly, I don’t like coffee, tea is preferred. I’ve tried coffee before and did not like it. I’ve tried many flavors and stuff like that but nothing seems to be to my liking. Green Tea that is FRESHLY( it has to be fresh) made is the best kind of tea that I will drink Day-to-day. Anytime of day, I will drink tea. Coffee is more of a morning thing for people and tea is mainly a nighttime thing. Let me know which you prefer! I’d be glad to find out~
  7. Nebula is beautiful. I like how nebby puts his pyro set together with his nebula hat.
  8. Favorite thing to do with the direct hit is to bully heavies and kill the low hp class that is about to make it to the health pack.. but I kill them before they reach it >:3 Mwuahahaha
  9. Anime.... lots n' lots of anime!~♥

  10. Shhhhhhhhh, I know :3 I only play endif when I want to practice, not prove my dominance.
  11. Well, begger’s Bazooka is REALLY fun to jump with, especially if you pair it with ramps/inclines to slide up and create a jump run of sorts. Only time I put the DH to its full potential is when I am playing 1v1 Endif(airshotting arena) with a friend. Airshotting is its main attraction in my opinion. Besides being a Pyro main, Soldier is my go to class to really get some damage done if all goes bad with Pyro. I agree, stock is pretty good. It’s just that the direct hit is much more... rewarding in a sense of air shots or just one hit kills on a direct impact, which is the weapons main focus.
  12. Nothing makes this community more enjoyable than a good ol' warm welcome, as well as friends. I hope you'll enjoy your stay~♥
  13. A friend and I were talking about Soldier and he was getting a bit angry with me using the direct hit. It's my favorite weapon and allows me to have the upper advantage(when I know how to aim owo). The standard rocket launcher is easier to use but I still love the direct hit because mmm, them airshots are satisfying... amirite? >:o If anyone else uses the direct hit, you're amazing. Please do tell me your favorite rocket launcher(s)!~♥