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    * Literally never trash talked this dude has problems * lol you imagined me trash talking in the first place than exaggerated it to say hours! Actually rofl
  2. Ernest


    I was unaware I cant spam the space bar with a macro and that was against the rules.... I feel stupid.
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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name xG | Ernest Identity https://steamcommu Ban Type Server Ban Information Yooo.... so this story goes back. The other night polar and I were bhopping on another server and I was using my hyper scroll mouse and I got banned... because apparantly hyper scroll mice are against the rules (this was on another server) I learned that they are also banned on this server so I immediately stopped using it and even switched my mouse to ensure I did not on accident! Come today, I am playing with mwheelup to jump and hella scrolling and I get banned not even while bhopping??? I'm incredibly confused and looking for more details about what to do next. I can send any files or information but I am actually so confused. Hope you can help me sort this out Ernest
  4. If your evidence is in fact true than fuck this kid. +1
  5. Ernest


    +1 even though you treat me like shit
  6. oh my god but i have always been ernest with a photo of ernie (my names Ernest). blame me for the coincidence why dontcha.??
  7. Shox you got a good point. I guess I don't deserve member after all. ?
  8. In-Game Name Ernest Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198881022422/ Age 17 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers ~25 hours Reason for Joining The homies are dope as fuck and I'm looking to join a cool ass-sight. Real talk, I play with these dudes every day and I'm addicted to prison and would like to be apart of this group.