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  1. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name jwilkie277 Offender's Identity 76561198993220229 Ban Type Team Ban Explanation and Evidence Randomly freekilling with no orders. https://youtu.be/wawOLltdNRo?t=51
  2. Potato is wrong war thunder is not fun


  3. It's not like it was even accidental though you literally multiple times told people to line up so you could colat them I don't think just for saying sorry you should get unbanned.
  4. All t's take one step out of your cell face the back of your cell and afk freeze. All t's bomb rush my marker and unstack shoulder to shoulder facing North; I will be shooting stacks at 9:00. All t's first reaction jump. 

  5. Oh okay. I guess they removed some of the secrets then.
  6. You're wrong clouds is a godly map
  7. That would explain why we have such an old version
  8. nah homie my moms is better
  9. I know that there is already the jb_clouds_beta map but it does not have all of the secrets that the final_v5 has. If this replaced the beta version then I think players would be introduced to new secrets and enjoy some of the fun in the new yet old map. Steam Workshop :: jb_clouds_final_v5 STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM