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  1. CJCasper

    Official CS:GO 1v1 Tournament!

    I can at least beat Danny.
  2. CJCasper

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    "Do not intentionally delay the round, especially on LR." Straight from the rules
  3. CJCasper


    +1 Has a mic, knows the rules, and is a good warden A: 7 M: 8
  4. the past tense of yeet is yote

    1. Tatost


      you disgust me

  5. the man the myth the legend
  6. CJCasper


    In-Game Name: CJCasper Active Division: Counter-Strike Previously a Member in xG: No Steam ID: Steam Community :: xG CJCasper Banned: No Active on Teamspeak: No Time Active on Servers: 12 days 04:41:21 hours Age: 14 Reasons for Joining: I have been playing on the jailbreak server for a while. The server is really fun and the community is really nice. The staff are also very helpful. I would like to be able to join the community myself.