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  1. Krampus

    On "Invisible Promotions"

    I don't think it'd really would change anything since like the whole decision is entirely up to the higher ups anyway, so if people are given an invisible promotion that most likely means the highers ups have gotten to know them very well and have asked people around in community what their thoughts on the person ( which I have seen before) and trust the person so much so that they believe they should be made staff, so it wouldn't really change anything if they made a submission thread or not. So as long as the highers up look into the person carefully before doing an invisible promotion, then it should be fine to stay as is imo.
  2. Krampus

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    -1 I don't really get what's the big deal here, it's not that hard to watch the channel or interpret if something is against tos or not, especially from how straight forward it is. I don't see that much controversy over images and when there is it's handled pretty quickly since the rules are so simple so I don't really get how the channel is as bad as you are saying it is. Which is why it seems to me that you are jumping the gun a bit here over a few people breaking rules and posting lolis or whatever like yesterday, which like what others have said before, you can just punish them and move on like we do on the servers. This reminds me a lot of the whole spray controversy thread where someone went on saying how we should just remove sprays in general to avoid controversy over if a spray should be allowed or not, which just like then I don't think it's a good idea to just remove an entire thing just because of a few baddies which the staff can easily handle. Plus we don't even need to edit the rules here as the tos rules are simple enough. But yeah I honestly don't really use the channel, but a lot of people do like to use it so I'd rather just keep the channel and let people have some fun their when their bored while continuing to punish people accordingly for when they do they break tos.
  3. Krampus

    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    Too late kid I reported you first
  4. Krampus


    -1 Plays trolldier on surf But seriously he's a great person that I've known for awhile now and is pretty active in the community and knows the rules really well so, would do great as staff so +1 also You're one to talk, stinky stank
  5. Krampus

    New server time!

    Yeh I know I was just going a bit off what Elcark had said bout just getting rid of it if no one ever uses it for the first part and the rest I was just saying my opinion for what I think would do best
  6. Krampus

    New server time!

    To be honest I don't see much of a need for a new server considering we have to do population events already for our extra servers and now we are adding a new one, but still if I had to choose between the modes I would probably pick between the jump server and especially the mge server as I said in the previous thread since even though they wouldn't really hold population like other servers they would at least get people to come on a decent amount like other servers with these modes as people join randomly all the time to practice and since it doesn't really need to be populated like normal servers as they can be played solo or two players without harm really. Which I know that skill surf can be populated by yourself but I still just think that it wouldn't see any traction after the first few weeks as only a certain amount of people enjoy strictly surfing and since a lot of people prefer the leniency of our combat surf server with being able to both surf normally and combat if they want to while having people to talk to on the server which is what keeps a lot of people on there.
  7. Krampus


    Nice guy to talk to and is always a good boy on the server with rules and stuff so +1 A: 8 M: 8
  8. Krampus


    Pretty chill guy and shows a lot of maturity on the server with explaining the rules to other, would be a great addition to the staff team so +1
  9. Krampus

    This far from the end.

    Aye yeah it's been a great summer and I hope to see you on some more in the future, been fun playing with you on the server and teasing you in my spare time for playing sniper uwu But yeah good luck with school man, I wish you luck and come back soon.
  10. Krampus

    new map surf_kitsune

    Would love to have it but here but sadly like they said, it won't be added unless an arena of some sort is added into the map
  11. Krampus

    [applicationformfield_7] - [applicationformfield_6]

    Just another obvious troll coming on to annoy people and be toxic so +1 for a ban
  12. Krampus

    Get rid of spawn protection

    I agree that it is pretty annoying to kill someone near their spawn and they just quick spawn back and come out to kill you with like five seconds of god mode basically but still I would rather have this way over the alternative where you don't have any all. If we were to remove it and just say no spawn camping that would would be the most time consuming thing to watch for staff and it would be awful for this server, especially considering how the surf server which does have that rule and how it is usually more difficult to get in/to the enemy spawn than here has this problem almost constantly. Also if we were to just remove it and allow spawn camping it would most likely just end up with people leaving considering how bad spawn camps can get at times. So I'd just say -1 for this and to keep the system as is.
  13. Krampus


    To be honest I haven't seen any of this constant rule breaking that has been talked about, for the most part all I have seen him do his just come on with friends to try and have a good time making jokes, which is completely fine as long as he follows rules. As for the arguing with staff I would say what he's doing is fine, he is allowed to question a staff's punishment all he wants and the "No arguing with staff rule" shouldn't be used on that as long as he wants to have a genuine discussion about it, which he has from what I've seen. As for his attitude toward staff I wouldn't say that it really matters, people are allowed to dislike others as much as they want, we don't all have to be friends. But what I would say for the future is that he should cool it on how much he talks about it on the servers since it's fine to not like someone but you shouldn't just go around trying to make them or a group look bad without any real backup, which you are working on right now apparently so just lay off them and if you have any real evidence of them doing a bad feel free to make that thread for what they are doing when you can. But still all in all it I think you are a fine person who just wants to improve the server so I'd say +1 for member A: 8 M: 7.5
  14. Krampus

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    Okay well I'ma just add my two cents into this thread and say that to be honest I have never cared too much bout being called it as a joke or hearing other people call each other faggot. The thing that I do care about is when people are out right trying to make someone feel bad and hurt them with it or any other form of slur which is where the no disrespect and harassment rule comes in to stop this, which is what we have done so far. Which is why in my opinion I'm okay with it being allowed since it's fine if some people wanna joke around with it or other stuff, as long as they aren't trying to to hurt someone with them. Plus there's the fact that we can't just go around banning every slur and making a list for it as there will always be new ones that aren't in the rules so I'd rather just leave it open. Also, That's what it already is right now. I'm pretty sure at the moment all racial slurs are basically banned and we just punish them as we find them, and we didn't really make everything ironclad? People were just questioning over the spray rule so they clarified it to where basically nothing really too inappropriate is allowed, which is fine. The slur rule has been the same for a pretty long time now, which it doesn't really need a change imo since the problem this thread is discussing is already handled as racism isn't allowed in general, and for faggot and other slurs that would just go under disrespect if someone uses it in that way.
  15. Krampus


    Yeah sure would be nice to see you as staff again, I've seen you getting a lot more active again and I think you're a pretty good influence for people and would do a good job as staff again so +1