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  1. Why would you get rid of it lol
  2. Not going to a higher punishment isn't that bad of an idea but the thing is staff never really take extended mutes seriously and it just ends up with the same person receiving tons of 30 min mutes because people don't bother checking or caring about past ones which makes the punishment mean almost nothing, which is what happened a lot back in the day when it came to extended mutes for mic spam.
  3. Around the Christmas of 2016 I had wanted a festive name and so I had always liked the stories of Krampus in the past and plus I had recently seen the movie so I decided to make it my username for the holidays but ended up never changing it since I liked it a lot and have had it since. Btw the movie Krampus is rubbish and I would not recommend watching it, I just didn't care at the time
  4. I didn't really play videos games as a kid for a long time but when I did start playing them Uncharted 3 had been the shit for me, probably replayed that game like twenty times as a kid. It also inspired to play all of the other games in the series too which was great
  5. Uhm what, this post couldn't be more wrong for what happened. Here on page 5 you can find him posting the player, ya dones/ducks phone number (I don't know if he has an xg account) https://xenogamers.com/rank/player_histories/chat/1086276 It is obviously a phone number and I checked with ya done himself to confirm it was his number which you had leaked on the server and it was so yeah -1
  6. Rip had some great times hanging out with you, gonna miss you a lot man and I hope to see you again in the future if you come on ?
  7. Bruh I don't know what ya'll talking bout, I barely get four hours of sleep a night and almost always join for those juicy late night hackers and trolls to fuck with them, I'm all the late night staff we need ? . But yeah, gonna stay neutral on this for now since although he isn't breaking rules anymore, I still haven't seen much improvement with his personality or him trying that hard to be a good example for the community. I'd recommend in the future just trying to help others when they are in need and to be kind about it, and also try to look more responsible on the servers in general and I'll probably change this to a +1
  8. What? Staff comes on tgh all the time what do you mean lol, the only staff I see who barely ever comes on tgh is @Owlknight_ or @ABlueSkittle123 and even then I do see them come on tgh every once and a while and they both go on other servers all the time when they are populated like ff2, there really isn't a bunch of "surf only" staff like you all are talking about so I wouldn't say that's a problem here lol. About this, although I do agree that what he did in 2017 on the forums and stuff was pretty immature and that he shouldn't have done it, I really wouldn't say that's much like what he is now. Also, I get that you don't ever really see him nowadays since haha surf's trash nigga but people do change over time which I know from personal experience and he's just been a nice guy to talk to on the servers and doesn't really start beef with anyone anymore so I wouldn't really say that defines him anymore, plus he does enforce rules and help out on the server all the time. Another thing, he isn't "sensitive enough to get bullied off the entire game" he had just been bored of tf2 and left for a month which is understandable, he did leave that dumb comment on there though later as a dumb joke which was really immature but still once again, he has changed from what he once was then and is ready for staff again.
  9. +1 Would be nice to see you back as staff again now that you're back to camping on the servers again all day
  10. Pretty accurate right here, you'd have tons of people who can just go sniper on maps and sit in spawn with god mode and there would be nothing you can do
  11. I think you misunderstood me here kek, I told you that you must always have the no before yes in a vote for votes that specifically break rules or spawn a boss like lets say "let someone read a story on mic" or "spawn a boss" not that you always need it for any vote whatsoever so that rule is already fine kek. Also the main reason why we have that rule from my guess is that if you're playing the game and a donator randomly makes a vote for it and you just want the menu off your screen then you're most likely gonna just auto hit one, which they would rather have it where the vote passes if a majority of the server votes for it, even with the odds against them from people auto hitting one, which is used to make sure that the server for sure wants it. For the hhh incident the other day, I had yelled at the guy since he had made a vote to become hhh and it only passed with 50% or something and he still changed anyway so I thought he was confused and was gonna attack someone so I was making sure that he wasn't bout to go attack people which is what I thought you were going on about. But anyway about becoming hhh and not attacking people without vote I'm pretty sure it's fine but you have to be careful not spook anyone or attack them accidentally.
  12. I've known Ekat for a long time and he's a really nice guy that I've only really had good experiences with so +1
  13. User is already banned via smac so close thread @mrnutty12 @SegFault @Kypari Xeno Gamers BANS.XENOGAMERS.COM
  14. +1 Known him for a while now and have only had good experiences with him, he's a great guy to talk to and I've never had problems with him on the server, would be a good contribution to the staff team