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  1. Krampus

    Horrible xG Member

    We have csgo servers?
  2. Krampus


    +1 How could I refuse the real deal noobdestroyer Also he's somewhat nice and it'd be good to have him back here M: 8 A: 9
  3. Krampus


    Huh well the original account that I had permed was definitely hacking, which you can see in the file (plus the fact that he was also vac banned), so if they really do have the same ip then it's a -1 for now since they have the same ip and you can't really deny that. But it still is a bit strange to me that a member of all people would create an alt and clearly hack in front of staff even as a joke which makes me question this being his alt a bit, but still unless for some reason sleuth messed up, the ban should stick. bigblack.dem
  4. Krampus

    Vacation Time Again

    Going on vacation once again to Colorado to visit family starting this Friday until like July 5 and I won't be able to get on tf2 during that time, so make sure to enjoy this break from me as they don't come often and I'll see ya'll when I'm back
  5. Krampus

    So we have a free server...

    I like most of those game modes but tbh I think mge has the largest potential since they are pretty easy to populate and attract people without needing to go on, while stuff like surf and bhop get overshadowed from our combat surf server and wouldn't get as many people imo
  6. Krampus


    +1 Although all girls have cooties you happen to have less than others so you aight. Plus the fact that you're active and great with other members, and that you know are rules for many servers
  7. Krampus

    Scam Warning

    Yeah there's many scammers out there kek, I get tons everyday and I'm sure that many others do also. What I usually do though is if your their inventory is private or has nothing or close nothing in it if it's not private and you have not seen them in game then I instantly block them since that's probably the easiest way to find out if they are one. Plus if you ever get a link or any notification about free items or coupons of any sort just never click em and you should be good. But anyway that's just some simple advice for anyone new to trading who need an easy way of identifying scammers
  8. Krampus

    Populate jailbreak?

    Yeah JB was nice and we did try and populate it for awhile with JB saturdays every week, which it did work for a while but eventually people just stopped caring or coming on. The server does still populate randomly on occasion though thanks to people like Caleb but it still has a hard time maintaining a population whatsoever even when they try. It'd be nice to start trying again in the future with events and stuff but I'm not sure how much could be done to ever try and get it to a consistent population like it once was sadly.
  9. Krampus

    It's time

    Rip I'm sorry to see you go man, we've had some good times in the past on deathrun and other servers and I will miss your skeletal voice Hope to see you again in the future man
  10. Krampus

    Bias and hypocrisy

    To start this off I'm just going to explain what happened in my experience of the event to try and explain what I had been thinking during everything. The whole thing had initially started back when I was sitting on the surf server on Meister when the three of them had joined the server, which soon after Tuna goes to the front of spawn and puts down the first spray where the girl is completely naked except for the fact that her parts are blurred out, which all three of you do know the rules considering you've been here a long time so I don't understand why you would just come on and spray a purposefully edging spray and put it in front of staff and start an argument with me on the server of all places instead of like just making a thread about it or talking on the discord to staff if your purpose was to see what and wouldn't be allowed. But anyway, about the first spray I did not believe it should be allowed at the time as it was just a girl straight up naked with some blurring effect and from how it showed all of her breasts and body and is definitely going over the line which is why I still believe that it should not be allowed, also when I warned about it Tuna had instantly started to argue with me until I had told him to end it. After that Matt had left and rejoined the server with the second spray which he was just basically doing to get a response from me as it was like the other spray that I had just warned for. Which I do admit that one is definitely less showing than the first but the fact that it is showing everything and you just cover where the vagina/butthole would be with a little smiley face makes me think that it should not be allowed since this would go under explicit nudity as it automatically infers what it is supposed to be there. But I do understand why that one would be allowed by other staff as it technically does not show anything, but what I had said there had been my opinion on it which is why I said it shouldn't be allowed. Now about the Kass spray I did believe that it should have been allowed, although it was risky which I have stated before, since I see that all it shows is the butt which isn't exactly explicit nudity in my opinion as it's just the front of the butt as for the one you all had sprayed it had shown the butt but right where you'd expect the butthole and all that to be you had put a smiley face making is pretty obvious for what should be there. But the thing is that this was just my opinion and obviously people will see it differently than me and say that it is the same thing and you can infer it just from seeing the butt rather than the smiley face there, which I do understand why people would think differently which is why I told you to make a conversation on the forums about how you don't think it should be allowed near the end of the video since those were my beliefs on which ones should not be allowed and it was pointless to keep the argument going there on the server, which I shouldn't have let the argument continue there anyway for as long as it did. So basically what I'm trying to say is that what I had said to not be allowed had been what I thought should be or not in my opinion and that many other people can all see it a different way than me from how the rules themselves are written, which I do believe should be clarified more on that as it keeps coming up time and time again with different arguments for what different staff think should be allowed or not. But still I do understand why you would think it was just be me being purely biased towards precious given our relationship which I do admit does make me more likely to side with him which is a fair point for why it should be left to a higher up to decide whether or not his spray would be considered too much or not rather than me. But still even with that, what I had said about the three sprays was genuine for what my beliefs were for which ones should be allowed or not.
  11. Krampus


    +1 Cool guy and have seen him around for a long time A: 9 M: 9.5
  12. Krampus

    FF2 server ideas

    I believe his average speed is about 330 hammer units per second and during rage it jumps up to about 520, which I believe scouts normal is at 400 hammer units per second. Though I am not sure how fast scouts max speed goes to in mvm
  13. Krampus

    FF2 server ideas

    Smh precious plays that you fool
  14. Krampus

    FF2 server ideas

    It is pretty obnoxious but then again he is one of worst bosses on the server since he has such a weakness to melee and doesn't have much going for him Also about the buzz light year nerf I agree a lot with what caleb said and definitely think that his rage speed should be lowered since during it his rage almost doubles his normal speed when the ray gun is held out, plus I think that they definitely do need to increase his rage damage requirement as he has a pretty high health formula, I would say that we should probably just double his rage dmg requirement up to 3500 as he has one of the strongest rages and best mobility in the air and on the ground during rage.
  15. Krampus


    Also yeah about this, staff should never perm players for hacking unless they are sure of it without doubt and got full blown evidence. "Could have" or "might be" should never be enough to perm a player form the server for something like this