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Found 4 results

  1. Post and suggestions you have for the server in this post!
  2. This is a thread for what YOU GUYS want fixed/added on CS:GO maps on our Community Servers. Please try to not turn this thread into anything that it's not, it's ONLY for suggestions for maps! Formatting If you'd like to make a suggestion, please state the full map name, ex. jb_nexzoid_xg. State, as specifically as you can, the suggestion. (Screen shots are always appreciated!) Formatting Example: On jb_nexzoid_xg, could you fix %s and %s? Oh here are some screenshots to help! Could you add a %s to jb_parabellum_go? I'll be editing in the changes I've made to what maps. Changes: 9/24/16 4:57 PM @Sizz Added the feature for the Cell button to open iso. You can also now toggle Isolation On and Off, if you weren't able to before.
  3. Xeno Gamers Facebook Update 2018 ? Screenshot of the Month ? ? The prize has been set to φ5,000 Forum Credits! Facebook Cover-Photo Contest We are in need of Facebook Cover-Photo Submissions, If you would like to contribute please refer to the Facebook Coverphoto Submissions thread. Those who contribute will receive φ1,000 forum credits and if your image is used you will receive φ10,000 additional forum credits! ? Community Polls [MEDIA=strawpoll]14523029[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=strawpoll]14523013[/MEDIA] *Polls may not be accessible on mobile devices. If you have any suggestions for the Facebook page, please leave feedback below or send me a private message! Scan QR Code to visit Xeno Gamers Facebook Page!
  4. EDNight

    Music Suggestions?

    I've kind of fallen into a situation where I listen to the same 5 songs on a daily basis. Turns out when you do that it gets just a little bit boring after a while... ? I listen to a lot of rock, and various sub genres of rock like: Asking Alexandria Blink 182 Breaking Benjamin Linkin Park I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have any suggestions for new music? I really can't find anything new to listen to